New Banana Plant Crops Coming Soon

  • Red Plantain mus a Aiuiri Banana ‘Fei’
  • Lady Finger Pisang Ceylon
  • Gran Nain
  • Double Mahoi
  • Mekong Giant (ornamental vaiety)
  • Blue Java / Ice Cream

This spring completely wiped out my crops of 3 gallon Banana plants. While that is good for me to sell them, It is also a huge relief to get some starts back in to get the next crop growing! Excited to be able to add a few new varieties to the old tried and true favorites that I try to keep in stock. Still on the hunt for more Double Mahoi and Dwarf Cavendish. And of coarse still on the waiting list for the Mekong Giant that is coming next month ( Ornamental ) and the Ice cream that I am waiting on backorder for with my supplier. In the meantime, I am excited to see the New Lady Finger ‘Pisang Ceylon’ growing as well as the Blood banana Musa Aiuiri Fei that bleeds red sap when cut instead of clear like a normal banana plant!