S & J Nursery’s Juniper Shrubs

for the North Florida Landscape

     Junipers are perhaps so popular in North Florida landscapes because we have so little else like them, for some of us they remind us of home farther North, for others they are a common landscape staple simply because of they are so extremely tuff. They are drought tolerant, have few pest or disease difficulties and have low  maintenance habits that do not require a lot of shaping and pruning that make them an ideal plant selection for
todays busy homeowner as well as for commercial and roadside plantings where maintenance tends to be kept at a minimum.

Perhaps best of all for those of us bordering on wooded areas these are not only low maintenance plantings but deer resistant too!

From Groundcovers to focal accent pieces, if your looking for a low maintenance landscape plant that you just don’t have to fuss with, there is a Juniper shrub that’s just right for you and your landscape!

Blue Pacific Juniper

Juniper Blue Pacific foliage up close

Blue Rug Juniper


Gold Lace Juniper


Grey Owl Juniper

Grey owl Juniper in 3 gallon Nursery Pots


Parsonii Juniper

parsonii Juniper foliage up close

Blue Arrow Juniper


Blue Point Juniper

Blue Point Juniper in 7 gallon nursery Pots

Blue Vase Juniper

young juniper Blue vase showing the beginning of breanches that will arch giving the vase shape as it grows



Moon Glow  Juniper

moonglow juniper Nursery Crop in 3 gallon pots

Sky Rocket Juniper