Holly Trees

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Holly Trees

for the Northeast Florida | Jacksonville |

St.Augustine Area Landscape

Dahoon Holly foliage up close

Dahoon Holly

( Not currently being grown at S & J )

Eagleston Holly trees in the Landscape Jacksonville Florida

  Eagleston Holly

( Ilex attenuata ‘Eagleston’)

  East palatka Holly in the Jacksonville Florida Landscape

East Palatka Holly

( Ilex attenuata x Ilex Cassine )

Holly Mary nell foliage and berries up close

Mary Nell Holly

Holly Nelly R Stevens in a Nursery Pot St. Augustine Florida

  Nelly R. Stevens Holly

(Ilex Nelly R. Stevens)

Oakleaf Holly Nursery Container St. Augustine Florida

  Oakleaf Holly 

( Ilex Conaf )

Savannah Holly ( Ilex attenuata)