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S & J Nurserys Guide to Watering

Newly Planted Flowers, Shrubs, and Trees in Northeast Florida,

Jacksonville and St. Augustine area Landscapes

  Just like installation practices can differ
when installing small and large container plants,
 proper intensive
irrigation w
atering techniques during the establishment period will vary
depending on the size of the plant you purchased and installed. 

Intensive Irrigation During the

Establishment Period

What is It? Why do We do It?…

What Is The Establishment Period?

The first few weeks (or months, for larger plants) following
installation of new container grown plant material into the landscape is considered the establishment period. That is the time when your new plant will be rapidly putting out new roots into the surrounding soil searching for nutrient and water supply in the soil to sustain itself and begin to grow in it’s new home.

The care you give your plant during the establishment period, or
the first few weeks after installation is critical for the survival of your newly planted flowers, shrubs, vines, groundcovers etc. Without supplemental irrigation, here in the Northeast Florida, St. Augustine, Jacksonville and surrounding area landscapes, your new plants just don’t stand a chance!

Why Is Plant Care During the Establishment Period So Important?

Lack of adequate water causes plants to stress, making them a
target for insect infestations as well as other plant problems from pathogens that may be existing in the soil, or on nearby vegetation. A healthy and well watered plant will fight off attacks that a water stressed plant can not. So paying close attention to your plants daily water needs after installation is critical in getting your new
plantings off to the best start possible where they can begin to survive with just minimal assistance from you. 

Ever heard of the expression an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? When caring for your newly installed smaller landscape plants, it applies! 

What is Intensive Irrigation?

Intensive irrigation is the practice of paying particularly close
attention to the water needs of your plant on a daily basis after planting for the first few weeks. That does not necessarily mean adding additional water every day, it means checking the soil daily to see if additional water (supplemental irrigation) is needed. This close attention now, allows your plant to quickly root in to the
surrounding soil where it can begin to survive on its own, creating food using the water and nutrients it finds in the soil and the amazing power of sunlight.

Why Is Intensive Irrigation During The Establishment Period So Important?

Applying supplemental irrigation to newly planted items sends the
message to your plants loud and clear that it is time to get growing! The roots will immediately begin to reach out into the moist soil around them and will quickly be able to survive on their own becoming pest resistant as well
as disease and drought tolerant!

Newly installed smaller plants that do not receive adequate water
during the establishment period, and even plants that are watered sporadically rather than consistently, will have a slowed rate of root growth. Research indicates that the frequency of watering has a greater effect even than the amount of water being given on newly installed items. So, intensive irrigation or daily checks for
the need for additional watering is important during the first few weeks after planting. Water intensively now so that you don’t have to worry with plant problems caused by stress later!



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