S & J Nursery’s Guide to Growing


 for the Northeast Florida, Jacksonville | St. Augustine area Landscape

Viburnum shrubs are among the most common of landscape plants in Viburnum Odoratissimum shrub as a natural unclipped hedge plant the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area and for good reason. With the wide variety of selections sizes and leaf textures there is a Viburnum shrub for every landscape ! If your looking for an ornamental tree, a dwarf low maintenance / no trim foundation shrub , a wet spot filler, a drought tolerant landscape plant, or just a pretty green shrub check out these great selections available at S & J Nursery.

S & J Nursery’s Viburnum Varieties

Viburnum  Odoratissimum /  Sweet Viburnum

Viburnum Odoratissimum Sweet Viburnum foligae up close with a flower bud beginning to emerge

Viburnum Odoratissimum  ‘Copper top’

Viburnum copper top Southern Living plant in a nursery pot 3 gallon size

Viburnum Odoratissimum Dwarf ‘Sugar Cookie’

Viburnum Suspensum

Viburnum Suspensum Sandankwa Viburnum shrubs foliage up close

Viburnum Tinus

Viburnum Walters

Walters Viburnum in bloom , nursery 3 gallon crop St. Augustine Florida

Viburnum Walters Dwarf Mrs. Schillers

Dwarf Walters Viburnum Whorled class blooms open above the foliage

 Viburnum Walters Whorled Class

Viburnum walters whorled class foliage and bloom