Loropetalum in the North Florida Landscape

Loropetalum Shrubs

for the North Florida Landscape

Loropetalum is a beautiful shrub that comes in a variety of leaf and flower colors. They have quickly become one of the most widely planted landscape selections for the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine are and for good reason. With a heavy spring bloom and colorful foliage you get allot of show for very little maintenance required on your part.

With so many cultivars to choose from each ranging in color, leaf form and mature height, these plants can be used as a groundcover, for erosion control on an embankment, in foundation plantings, commercial buildings and parking islands, pruned and used as an espalier to accent a wall or screen a fence, trimmed up and used as a colorful landscape specimen or small tree, in informal cottage and English garden settings, they are even used as topiary accents. That’s allot of versatility in a plant, I think you would be hard pressed to find a landscape that Loropetalum of one sort or another wouldn’t fit into seamlessly.

S & J Nursery’s Loropetalum Varieties

Loropetalum Plum delight nursery crop

Loropetalum Plum Delight/ Pizzazz

Loropetalum Burgundy Foliage up close

Loropetalum Burgundy / Sizzling Pink

Loropetalum Cerise Charm

Loropetalum Crimson Fire

Loropetalum Emerald Snow

Loropetalum Ever Red

Loropetalum Purple Diamond

Loropetalum True Dwarf Purple Pixie

Loropetalum ZhuZhou

Loropetalum Red Chocolate

Loropetalum Ruby foliage with new growth

Loropetalum Ruby

loropetalum Jazz hands foliage up close showing variegation

Loropetalum Jazz hands