S & J Nursery’s Rosemary Varieties / Cultivars for Northeast Florida Herb Gardens


Rosemary Herbs in the Florida Garden

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Rosemary makes a decorative garden plant for practically any garden setting. The hardy perennial shrubs can be planted into any well drained soils, and make excellent potted plants for the Northeast Florida landscape.

Rosemary, along with thyme and a few others is one of those herbs that, in my opinion, shouldn’t be relegated to the herb garden, Try adding Rosemary into a cottage garden setting amongst soft flowery perennials, flower borders, property boundaries, and even foundation plantings. Rosemary, potted and set on porches and patio areas make a perfect compliment to outdoor spaces, single potted plants make an elegant landscape specimen.

There is only one species of Rosemary herbs Rosemarinus officinalis, suited for growing in the Northeast Florida garden, but many cultivars or selections within that species that are available to home gardeners today.

Rosemary Cultivars and Varieties Green Cove Springs LandscapeThere are creeping, or more ground cover rosemaries, perfect for cascading over the edge of a wall or pot and for soil erosion control on embankments. And then there are the more popular upright rosemary, often clipped and cut into topiary forms, or used as a stand alone garden accent, or hedged into neat row for foundation plantings and property borders.

The fragrant, delicate foliage and beautiful summer blooms are a welcome addition anywhere you find to put them. 

Plant your garden rosemary in any full sun or partial shade area with well draining soils. 


Medicinal Uses of Rosemary

Varieties or Cultivars through the Years

Rosemary has been used as a tea to alleviate headaches, help fight depression, and to help restless people get a good nights sleep. According to Botanica’s Organic Gardening, it was also reported to help with memory retention, perhaps due to its antioxidant levels.

External rubs and alcohol reductions are made with rosemary to help alleviate, rheumatism, arthritis, dandruff, hair loss, muscle aches, and wounds.

Additionally, although not medicinal in use, rosemary was used exclusively in the making of the lute. So it is a quite musical herb!

Rosemary was also used as a symbol of remembrance at funerals and a symbol of fidelity at weddings.


Culinary Uses of Rosemary Varieties or Cultivars

Culinary uses for rosemary plants have remained much the same through the years. Added sparingly, rosemary is a wonderful addition to herbal vinegars and oils.

Rosemary sprigs are used in the preparation on beef, veal, pork, lamb and chicken. Add a sprig of rosemary to the top of your pot roast at the same time that you add your vegetables, and you’ll be amazed at the flavor it will add to the finished product.

Add a sprig of rosemary to soups and stews and remove before serving much like you would use a bay leaf.

Use the stem cuttings on woody portions of older Rosemary as spears for meat kabobs, and throw them on the grill.

Rosemary can be harvested and used fresh, dried, added to herbal vinegars, oils and butters.