Privacy Screen / Living Fences

S & J Nursery’s Guide to

Privacy Screens and Living Fence Shrubs

for the Northeast Florida Jacksonville | St. Augustine area Landscape 



Abelia Glossy


Abelia Rose Creek


Abelia Sunshine Daydream



     Anise, Yellow

Florida Anise yellow in a 3 gallon nursery pot

Anise Forest Green

     Bottlebrush Dwarf Macarthur

Bottlebrush Dwarf Macarthur blooms

     Bottlebrush Red Cluster

Bottlebrush Red Cluster nursery crop of 7 gallon pots blooming

Bottlebrush Scarlet

Scarlet Bottlebrush Blooms

     Bottlebrush Slim

Bottlebrush Slim blooms up close

     Juniper Blue Point

larger 15 galloon pot blue point Juniper shaped to a narrow point

     Juniper Blue Vase

young juniper Blue vase showing the beginning of breanches that will arch giving the vase shape as it grows

      Juniper Hollywood

Juniper Hollywood Torulosa as a house foundation planting to screen out a widow from the street view

     Ligustrum Japonicum

Ligustrum Used as a privacy screen for a garage

     Ligustrum Howardii Variegated

Ligustrum howardii Variegated showing bright yellow new growth foliage Hedge and patio Trees in a North Florida landscape

     Ligustrum Recurve

Ligustrum recurve foliage up close showing the twist of the leaf

     Loropetalum Burgundy

Loropetalum Burgundy Foliage up close

     Loropetalum Plum Delight

Loropetalum Plum delight nursery crop

Loropetalum Zhuzhou

Loropetalum as a hedge on a commercial planting

     Pineapple Guava

pineapple guava foliage Jacksonville Florida

     Podocarpus ‘Maki’

Podocarpus as a privacy fence

   Simpson Stopper

Simpson Stopper foliage showing new growth that is coppery red


 Tea Olive

tea olive shrub

Viburnum Odoratissimum

Viburnum odo 30 gallon just installed into a hedge line and trimmed up square

     Viburnum Suspensum

Viburnum Suspensum Sandankwa Viburnum shrubs foliage up close

     Wax Myrtle

     Youpon Holly Upright

youpon Holly Upright with berries showing


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