Bermuda Grass Mites

Bermuda grass Mites in North Florida Lawns  

Description of Bermuda Grass Mites:

Bermuda grass mites are tiny, only 1/30 of an inch long requiring a microscope to find them even on severely infested lawns. They are a yellowish cream color and have a wormlike appearance. 

Damage from Bermuda Grass MItes: 

Because of the characteristic damage and the difficulty of seeing Bermuda grass mites they are more easily identified by the result of their feeding. The grass blades will turn a lighter green color and curl abnormally, the grass will become tufted into small noticeable clumps resembling “witches brooms” at the internodes. The grass looses its vigor, thins out and may eventually die. 

Feeding Habits of Bermuda Grass Mites in Jacksonville | St. Augustine | North Florida Area:

Bermuda grass mites tend to prefer common or coarser types of Bermuda grass but may be seen on any Bermuda grass species.

Reproduction and Life Cycle of Bermuda Grass Mites in Jacksonville | ST. Augustine | North FLorida:

Bermuda grass mites multiply fairly rapidly and only take a week to complete their life cycle. 

Control of Bermuda Grass Mites in the North FLorida Lawn:

Natural Control: 

            No known natural cures at this time 

            Cultural Control: 

                Normal natural treatments should not be taken in the case of the Bermuda mite. Grass should be mowed low down to ¾ of an inch and the clipping removed and burned or bagged into black plastic bags. To reduce the stress this will cause on the lawn water thoroughly for the next few days.  

Chemical Control: 

Treatment with Diazanon should be applied as soon as possible and it is imperative to re treat within 4-6 days of the original treatment to eradicate this pest due to its 7 day life cycle. 

 A Word of Caution from Me to You:

     Perhaps it is my many years of dealing with the people in the Agriculture industry who have lived long lives and encountered many troubles with chemicals during their careers, but I cannot talk about chemical control without at least my mentioning the following concerns. 

 Make sure to read all directions carefully and apply liquid sprays diluted with water at the application rate recommended on the product label for the pest you are targeting and do not mix stronger than suggested target treatment rates. 

      Remember that insecticides are POISONS and approach their use with caution, wear protective eye gear and chemical resistant gloves and rubber boots as well as long sleeved shirts and pants. Remember to wash these items separately from other laundry immediately after application and shower after getting the clothes into the laundry. 

Lastly but most importantly, pay particular attention to lock unused chemicals up away from visiting children and pets.  

So that’s it on the speech about chemicals, I hope I have been able to help you know what’s wrong and how to treat it so now you have to help me sleep easier by indulging me with these motherly concerns, fair trade don’t you think?  I’ll sleep easier knowing that you did.    

J Charlotte