Salt Tolerant Shrubs

S & J Nursery’s Guide to

Salt Tolerant Shrubs

for the Northeast Florida, Jacksonville | St. Augustine area Landscape 

Beauty Berry

Florida native Beauty berry foliage and fruits

  Bottlebrush Slim

Bottlebrush Slim blooms up close

Bottlebrush Scarlet

Carissa Dwarf Emerald Carpet


Croton Oakleaf Foliage up close


  Holly Schillings Dwarf

SAchillings Holly Heavily shaped in the Jacksonville Flordia landscape

Indian Hawthorne

Indian hawthorne Flowers and new growth showing bronze pink color

Ixora ( information pages coming soon)

 Juniper Blue Pacific

Juniper Blue Pacific foliage up close

Juniper Blue Rug

Juniper Parsonii

parsonii Juniper foliage up close

Ligustrum Green

Ligustrum Variegated Howardii

Ligustrum Jack Frost

Ligustrum jack Frost shrubs used as a low growing hedge

Pineapple Guava

pineapple guava foliage Jacksonville Florida


Plumbago Blue Blooms up close

 Podocarpus Maki

Podocarpus as a privacy fence


Simpson Stopper ( information page coming soon)

Texas Sage


Viburnum Walters Whorled Class

 Viburnum suspensum

Pittosporum Green

Green Pittosporum foliage up close

Pittosporum Variegated

variegated Pittosporum foliage

Pittosporum Wheelers Dwarf

Yellow Bells Tacoma Stans

Youpon Holly

Yaupon Holly Trees