Low Growing Shrubs

S & J Nursery’s Guide to

Low Growing Groundcover Shrubs

for Northeast Florida

     Juniper Blue Pacific

Juniper Blue Pacific foliage up close

Juniper Blue Rug


  Juniper Parsonii

parsonii Juniper foliage up close

Natal Plum Dwarf Carissa macrocarpa

Dwarf Natal Plum with a bloom


Pittosporum Wheelers Dwarf


     Rose Drift Apricot

Drift Rose Apricot with blooms

     Rose Drift Coral

Drift rose coral blooming in a 3 gallon nursery pot

     Rose Drift Peach

Drift Rose Peach blooms

     Rose Drift Pink

Drift Rose pink single blooms showing on foliage


    Rose Drift Pink Sweet

Pink Sweet Drift rose as a subdivision entryway plant

     Rose Drift Popcorn

Popcorn Drift Rose

 Rose Drift Red

Rede drift Rose St. Augustine Florida