Vegetable Trails for Northeast Florida

So many selections… so little time. Vegetable selections for the Spring 2016 growing season

Amaranth Hopi Red Dye St. Augustine Florida

Learning to grow your own fruits and vegetables in Northeast Flroida can be tricky and sometimes downright frustrating. But it seems to me that what’s life in the garden withought something to make you crazy? Where is the thrill of success if everything you plant just grows like a weed with no help from you?

White Acre Pea seedlings

Gardener’s in general, tend to have adventurous spirits, we all push the envelope of what we can grow where, and I find that the vegetable garden is no different. To me, if I haven’t tried it myself to find out how it behaves in the Northeast Florida climate, then I just don’t know. There are so many variables that can effect the outcome

Artichoke growing in my home garden St. Johns Florida

of your harvest that my curiosity isn’t satisfied that something can’t be done until I have done it myself. (Well, Ok, I am a bit on the stubborn side, so I have to have attempt to grow something several times in several different ways before I am convinced of it’s hardiness for Northeast Florida, but that’s because I have a thick skull, or maybe I was dropped on the head to many times as a baby, no offense Mom, or maybe because I am my fathers duaghter! But in my brain, which has very little to do with reality by the way, if I haven’t personally failed at it, and failed miserabley time after time, it can still be done no matter what you say!) 

Vegetable Trials for Northeast FloridaI have a stong optimism bias and tend to think that all problems have a solution! And on top of that I tend to never want to trust other peoples ideas of what grew well and what didn’t and always want to experience the trial and error all for myself!

Here is the results of my never ending curiosity for the 2016 growing season! Hope you enjoy planting them every bit as much as I do!

Broccoli Varieties

Asian Green Varieties


Mustard Green Varieties

Cucumber Varieties

Eggplant Varieties

Kale Varieties

Pepper Varieties

Tomato Varieties

Summer Squash Varieties

Winter Squash and Pumpkin Varieties