A Listing of Northeast Florida Roses by Category

S & J Tree Farm and Nursery’s Guide to

Northeast Florida Roses by Category

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Climbing Roses

Hardy Shrub Roses 

Groundcover Roses

Floribunda Roses

Old Garden / Heirloom Roses

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Abraham Darby Climbing

Alachua Red Climbing

Belindas / Mutabilis Dream Modern Shrub Rose 

Butterfly Heirloom Rose

Bonica Herloom Rose

Rose Bonica St. Augustine Florida

Caldwell Pink / Pink Pet Heirloom Rose

Derick’s Rose Pink Heirloom

Dericks rose blooms up close

Drift Apricot Groundcover Rose 

Drift Coral Groundcover Rose

Drift Pink Single Groundcover Rose

Drift Pink Sweet double Groundcover Rose

Pink Sweet Drift rose as a subdivision entryway plant

Drift Peach Groundcover Rose 

Drift Rose Peach blooms

Drift Popcorn yellow white bicolor Groundcover Rose

Drift White

Drift Red Groundcover Rose

Drift White Groundcover Rose

Grandmas yellow

Rose Grandmas Yellow blooms up close

Julias Child Shrub Rose

Julias Child Rose bloom

Knockout Blush

Knockout Blush

Knockout Red Double Shrub Rose

Knockout Red Dwarf * NEW Shrub Rose

Knockout Red Single Shrub Rose

Knockout Rose red crop in nursery containers

Knockout Pink Shrub Rose

Knockout rose Pink in Nursery container

Knockout Pink Double Shrub Rose

Knockout Yellow Shrub Rose

Rose Knockout Sunny Yellow

Rose Knockout White

Marthas Vineyard Heirloom Rose

Old Blush Heirloom

Pick Nick Rose Heirloom

Rose Pick Nick Heirloom Polyantha

Seven Sisters Heirloom Rose

Lady Banks Rose Heirloom Climbing

La Sevilliana Shrub Rose

nursery pot of Rose La savilliana

Limoncello Modern Shrub Rose

Louis Phillipe Heirloom Shrub Rose

The Fairy

The Fairy Rose Heirloom