Asian Green Varieties

S & J Nursery Asian Green Varieties for 2016 Northeast Florida Vegetable Gardens


Asian Green Variety Japanese ‘Mizuna’

Mizuna is a member of the Brassica family, ( Brassica rapa subsp. nipposinica) and are related to collard greens, brussel sprouts and Broccoli. They go by many names including Japanese Mustard, potherb mustard, California peppergrass or spider mustard. But whatever name you call them by, Mizuna’s are a fast growing, deeply serrated and highly decorative green with a mild peppery or mustard flavor. They are delicious fresh in salads or stir fries and can be used as potherbs and prepared like any mustard green or collard green. 21 days to harvest as micro greens and 40 days to full size plants.


Asian Green Mustard Mizuna Lime Streak in Northeast Florida S & J NurseryMustard Green Variety Japanese ‘Mizuna Lime Streak’

New to S & J Nursery this year. Mustard Lime Streak Mizuna from Gurney’s Seeds has heavily serrated decorative looking leaves. The ships edged foliage has a lime green streaks and a mild tangy flavor that is said to be perfect for sandwiches and salads. Excellent when harvested as tender baby greens or micro greens. 30-45 days to first harvest.

Mustard Green Variety Japanese ‘Mizuna Red Streaked’Asian Green Mustard Japanese Mizuna Red Streaked

New to S & J Nursery for 2014 trials in Northeast Florida, Mizuna Red Streaked is a pretty mustard green selection with tangy mild and sweet flavor perfect for tossing in a salad. The deeply serrated green leaves with red stripes are so pretty I just had to give them a try. Harvest 20-40 days from planting.



Asian Green Variety ‘Komatsuna’

Kamatsuna Asian Green Varitey St. Augustine FloridaMy new favorite green for Northeast Florida, Komatsuna is a beautiful large Asian green with very tasty, glossy, dark green leaves with a white juicy midrib that has a sweet crisp flavor. They are a heat tolerant green selection that intensifies in flavor as the plants age. I haven’t tried mine any way but stir fried so far. I love them stirred for just a few minutes in a hot pan with a little olive oil, some dried chili peppers, a few cloves or garlic, sea salt and a pan full of chopped greens. I found the recipe online and gave it a try, I just don’t have the heart to try them another way! Harvest pound in as little as 21 days or mature at 40 days.


Asian Green Variety Pak Choy ‘Prize Choy’

New to S & J Nursery for 2014 from High Mowing Organic Seed Company. ( Brassica rapa var chinense) Asian green selection ‘Prize Choy’ has an elegant vase like shape. The leaves are a glossy medium green color with white stems and a mild flavor. They are like most of the brassica family a cool season crop but are touted to be slow to bolt in the heat. Open Pollinated selection, ‘Prize Choy’ has been hand selected for uniformity, vigor and bolt resistance. Harvest at 50 days from planting.

Asian Green Variety ‘Purple Pak Choy’

New to S & J Nursery for 2014 from Cooks Garden seeds. Purple Pak Choy has a rich rosy purple color to the leaves ad bright green stems. They can be harvested at any stage of growth. Very pretty vegetable garden plant.  Harvest begins at 30 days for small leaves and 40-70 days for larger full sized plants.  


Asian Green Variety Pak Choy ‘ Toy Choy’

New to S & J Nursery for 2014 from Gurney’s seed company. ‘Toy Choy’ is a miniature form of Pak Choy that grows just 5 inches tall! The miniature plants have all the flavor of the traditional Pak Choy in a tiny package just the right size harvest for a single serving. Simply chop them and throw them in a hot pan, season as usual for a tasty Asian stir-fry treat. Harvest ‘Toy Choy’ in as little as 30 days from planting.

Asian Green Variety ‘Yukina Savoy’

Mustard green variety Yukino SavoyNew to S & J Nursery for 2014 from High Mowing Organic Seed Company. ( Brassica juncea) Open pollinated Asian green selection ‘Yukina Savoy has deep dark forest green leaves that are spoon shaped and heavily crinkled. The leaves have a gently mild mustard flavor and are excellent in stir fry dishes or cooked as a traditional pot herbs like collard greens. Use fresh in salads or on sandwiches for an extra flavor boost! Harvest at 21 days for baby greens and 45 days for full size plants.