S & J Nursery’s Oregano Varieties for Northeast Florida Herb Gardens


Oregano is an easy to grow and easy to care for evergreen perennial herb for the Northeast Florida, Jacksonville, and St. Augustine area herb garden. They can be planted from an S & J container any time of the year or grown from seeds planted in the spring.

Oregano herb plants are thought to be native to Greece, despite the vast popularity of oregano’s association with Italy and it’s cuisine. Oregano has been grown and cultivated for many years for culinary and medicinal uses. Many forms or varieties are available today, each with their own unique characteristics and common uses.  

Oregano cultivation has spread and is today a well loved and used herb worldwide.

Culinary Uses of Oregano Herb Plants

Oregano is the perfect compliment to tomato dishes including Pizza and many Italian – American pasta dishes. In Italy it is used for flavoring meats and chopped and added to vegetable dishes. In Greece it is added to a lemon and olive oil sauce served as a compliment to fish or other meats. In Turkey, it is widely used to flavor lamb.

Oregano leaves can be more flavorful dried than when fresh, so when substituting fresh for dried in recipes, use double the amount called for of dried.

Medicinal Uses of Herb Plants

Medicinally Oregano has a long history, Hippocrates was said to use oregano as an antiseptic, and as a cure for stomach problems as well as respiratory ailments associated with the common cold.

Oregano is high in antioxidants, and it has been claimed that Oil of Oregano can help ease bacterial and viral infections.