Squash, Summer Varieties

S & J Nursery Summer Squash Varieties for 2014 Trials for Northeast Florida Vegetable Gardens

Summer Squash Variety Heirloom ‘Baby Round’ Zucchini

(a.k.a. ‘Ronde De Nice’)

One of my favorite of the summer squash varieties to grow simply for it’s unusual round fruits. They can be hollowed out to make the perfect bowl for stuffing and even make a nice little soup bowl. Use them as a ‘pot’ for your veggie platter to serve your dip right out of! I also love to pick them small, hollow them out and use them as a garnish full of upright herbs like parsley and rosemary, very pretty! Small 4 inch round Zucchini type fruits are born in abundance on thick stocky stems. Like all summer squash varieties, pick them anytime to about 4 inches and check plants every day or every other day for fruits ready to harvest. The more fruits you pick before allowing them to mature on the plant, the more fruits these plants will produce! Plants are ready to begin harvesting at 45 days.


Summer Squash Variety Heirloom ‘Black Beauty’ Zucchini 

This heirloom Zucchini type summer squash is an All American Selections winner. Popular for it’s deep dark blackish green skin and creamy white flesh, excellent flavor and the fact that it keeps on producing if you keep on picking the fruits when young! Pick any time up to 8 inches long while skins are still tender, small fruits of Black Beauty summer squash make excellent baby squash. Fast growing squash variety is ready to begin harvesting in 45 days.


Summer Squash Variety Heirloom ‘Cube of Butter’

This variety is new to us here at S & J. Here is what Territorial seed company had to say about them that made me want to give them a try…”Tempting and tender, these lemon yellow, straight neck squash are succulent and delicious with creamy white flesh. The uniform, cylindrical fruit can be picked young as baby sized squash, or allowed to reach up to 10 inches while retaining all it’s irresistible, high quality flavor. Low growing, open bush-habit plants yield harvests of this delectable summer favorite.” Now doesn’t that make you want to give these a try? Well, it worked on me! Harvest begins for “Cube of Butter” summer squash at 50 days.

Heirloom Summer Squash Variety “Dark Green”

As the name implies directly, these heirloom zucchini type summer squash plants produce straight smooth skinned dark green fruits that are mottled with grayish white. Very pretty fruits, are best when picked at 6-8 inches in length and have a nice firm white flesh. Although new to us here at S & J Nursery, this summer squash variety is touted to be very prolific an promises that you will be giving it away to your neighbors. harvest begins at 45-65 days.  

Heirloom Summer Squash Variety ‘ Early White Bush Scallop’

( a.k.a. ‘Patty Pan’) 

This is another variety I love to grow for the unique shape of the fruits. The scalloped edges of the flattened, circular, white fruits look like a flower to me. So pretty you may just want to sit them around on the table and not eat them! Perfect size for throwing on the grill or right in the frying pan. This easy to grow summer squash variety will be ready for harvest in as little as


Summer Squash Variety “Max’ s Gold”

A new variety for us here at S & J Nursery in St. Augustine Florida. I found this at a new seed supplier I have tried this year, Botanical Intrests. This is what they had to say about this Max’ s Gold summer squash selection. ” We were impressed with Max’ s Gold because of it’s beautiful color outside, and flavorful, firm squash inside. Long straight fruits have a small seed cavity meaning there’s more delicious squash to eat, and it’s ideal for cooking and grilling. Great flavor for eating fresh or adding to salads. Keep picked and plants continue to produce throughout the summer months.” I’m excited to find out how this one does for us here in Northeast Florida. Harvest Max’ s Gold summer squash at any size up to 6-8 inches long. Harvest begins at 55 days from planting.


Heirloom Summer Squash Variety “Straightneck”

A tried and true heirloom summer squash selection, Straightneck squash produces early and prolifically. It has a slightly tapered straight neck making it perfect for slicing lengthwise for grilling, and just the right size to make squash sticks for your veggie tray! Great quality tender yellow fruits are ready to begin harvesting in as little as 45 days from planting!