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Trials for 2016 Northeast Florida

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Abraham Lincoln Tomato Variety

An Heirloom variety that is new to me here this year at S & J. Abe Lincoln is a large tomato variety with 8-12 oz fruits and red skins. Heavy producer with lots of flavor. Some strains of Abe Lincoln have bronzey green foliage. These classic tomatoes are touted to be able to tolerate rainy weather without splitting open, a common tomato problem with heirlooms in Florida. We shall see what happens! Abe Lincoln is an indeterminate tomato variety and will require caging or staking to keep the fruit up off the ground in Florida. Matures in 87 days.

Aunt Ruby’s German Green Tomato Variety

Aunt Ruby’s German green is an American Heirloom variety from Ruby Arnold from 1977. It has quickly become a home garden favorite and boasts excellent flavor along with large, irregularly shaped greenish yellow with a faint pink blush on the base, 8-18 oz. fruits when fully ripe! There is no end to the list of gardeners and seed companies singing it’s praises, so this year, see what all the fuss is about! Large indeterminate vine produces fruits that can be picked green for green tomatoes or allowed to ripen greenish yellow at about 70-85 days.

Big Rainbow Tomato Variety

Huge striped tomato with yellow orange flesh and bright red vertical streaks on fruit when ripe. Flesh color is also mottled when cut open. Huge fruits up to 2lbs each with true old fashion tomato flavor. Indeterminate Vines need heavy duty cages, Harvest in 90 days.

Black Krim Tomato Variety

Black Krim is a Russian Heirloom tomato selection with deep dark red flesh gently hued with a blackish purple blush at the base of the fruit. The fruits when cut open have purple black gel in the seed pockets. A chef favorite for flavor, the Black Krim tomato variety is described as tangy, rich and sweet. Harvest in 75-85 days.


Brown Cherry Tomato Variety

Part of a Rainbow cherry tomato collection available from Botanical Interests. Tomato Brown Cherry produces an abundance of small rounded 1-2 oz fruits in clusters. Skin is a beautiful brownish red when ripe. Excellent for snacking and salads. Indeterminate grower, harvest in 75 days from planting.


Cherokee Purple Tomato Variety

The tomato with a tale of its own, Cherokee purple are thought to have been passed down from the Native Americans of the Cherokee tribe. It is one of the first heirloom tomato varieties I ever grew and holds its place in my garden of ever changing tomatoes each year. The flavor is excellent, probably the reason that this tomato is making a name for itself in American gardens. When ripe, Cherokee Purple is a deep, rusty, dark pink color with rich dark red flesh and dark purplish red gel in its seed cavities. Very pretty tomato selection. Heirloom indeterminate variety, harvest in 80 days.

Costulo Genovese Tomato Variety

One of the first tomato varieties I ever grew, Costulo Genovese remains close to my heart. It is a medium to large deeply lobed Italian Hierloom tomato passed down caringly for generations. Costulo Genovese tomato fruits are slightly tart and absolutely delicious! Indeterminate tomato ready to harvest 85 days from transplant.  

Green Grape Tomato Variety

A compact growing semi determinate bush type variety, great for containers or smaller sized gardens where large growing cherry tomatoes would take over. Green Grape has excellent flavor and production is outstanding. Quickly becoming a garden favorite, for it’s rich sweet flavored tomatoes. Green Grape tomatoes are a mix of a bright green and yellow with bright green flesh when ripened. Small fruits are born in clusters of 1-1 3/4 inch long fruits the size of a large grape. Harvest in 78 days.

Gold Nugget Tomato Variety

Little golden jewels on a tomato vine. Gold nugget fruits are a bright sunny yellow orange color inside and out. Small 1 inch fruits are sweet with just a hint of tartness that is perfect for snacking. Very attractive fruits on prolific plants. Determinate heirloom tomato variety, harvest in as little as 54 days!


Homestead 24 Tomato Variety

Homestead 24 from Gary Isben’s Tomato Fest is an open pollinated, determinate variety, so no pruning and pinching out suckers needed! Red fruits and red flesh, this one is great for growing in our hot Florida climate, and is supposed to keep on producing in hot summer weather. We shall see! It has round 8 oz fruits with great tomato flavor. Resistant to cracking and catfacing. Matures in 81 days.

Snow White Tomato Variety

Rare, white cherry tomato, Snow White’s fruits are a creamy white that ripen to a soft yellow. 1/2 inch fruits have a sweet flavor and are born in clusters on prolific vines. Perfect size for snacking on fresh from the garden or throwing in a salad. Indeterminate tomato variety, 75 Days to the beginning of harvest.


Sundrop Tomato Variety

Sundrop is a new introduction from 2011 that is just showing up in seed sources. It has orange 2 oz fruits that are very low in acid, nice and sweet. Indeterminate Vine, 68-80 days to harvest.

Zapotec Tomato Variety

A unique Heirloom tomato from Mexico said to have been grown and passed down through generations by the Oaxacan Indians. Big red fruits are of the Zapotec tomato are irregular shaped and are deeply ribbed making for a truly unique tomato slice! Fleshy fruits are perfect for sandwiches, grilling , stuffing and even frying! 86 days to harvest.