Color, Elements of Art in the Landscape

Color as a Landscape Design Element

Color as a landscape design element

Color is what we use to attract attention and accent a space, change distance perspective, or to evoke specific feelings in the Landscape. As gardeners we tend to mostly think of color in terms of flowers and fruits that a plant may have, yet color can be found in the landscape on plant’s leaves, mulch selections, the chosen hardscape selections, and the surface treatments of manmade structures.  Let’s take a look at what color can do in the landscape.

Changing the Distance Perspective With Colors:

Cool colors can be used to make an area seem larger than it is in reality. They are perceived as farther away by the viewer and will have a tendency to help the Landscape recede into the background.

Warm colors can be used to make an area appear closer to the viewer or to seemingly bring the landscape in around us. They draw attention and tend to seemingly bring the landscape closer in to the viewer.

Setting the Mood in a Landscape With Colors:

Cool colors are calm and relaxing and will often be used by designers in areas where a restful feeling is desired.  

Warm colors invoke action and are exciting. They may be utilized in Landscape design to accent areas used for entertaining, or to draw attention to a commercial building sign, or lead people towards an entrance.