Palms for Hot Sunny Areas

S & J Nursery’s Guide to

Palms for Hot and Sunny Areas

of Northeast Florida’s Jacksonville | St. Augustine area Landscapes

Canary Island Date Palm

Canary Island Date Palm showing pineapple shape at the base of the palm on a relatively young palm Jacksonville Florida

Chinese Fan Palm

Chinese Fan Palm larger specimen in the St. Augustine Florida area Landscape


European Fan Palm

5 gallon nursery Pot European Fan palm St. Augustine Florida

Needle Palm

Pindo Palm

Queen Palm

Queen Palm in the St. Johns landscape

Ribbon Palm

Curved Trunk Ribbon Palm in a home foundation planting St. Augustine Florida

Roebelenni Palm / Pygmy Date Palm

Pygmy date Palm Double trunk in front of a home in the landscape St. Augustine Florida

Sabal Palm / Cabbage Palm

Sabal palms line the sky near the beach beside a pond bank

Silver Date Palm / Sylvestris

Sylvestris as a corner landscape specimen