Coleus Varieties

Coleus Varieties

Coleus are the perfect fit for Northeast Florida semi shaded garden areas. They can quickly fill
any garden with big and bold color and texture, accent a flowering pot for a home entryway, decorate a mailbox, or
create an easy care pool side container garden that you will never tire of looking at! Coleus plants come in all
sorts of shapes, colors and sizes. With all of the color and beautiful texture they offer on a fuss free, deer
resistant plant, they are hard not to fall in love with.

This year, I have declared Coleus the S & J Nursery plant of the year, we have invested allot
of time and effort into bringing you the best of the best coleus selections available! I hope you give them a
chance and learn to love them as much as I do!

Coleus Variety Alabama Sunset plant start S & J NurseyColeus Variety ‘Alabama Sunset’

One of my favorite coleus varieties from the first time I moved them off the full sun tables to a
shadier spot in the Nursery, Alabama Sunset’s colors are soft but intense. This coleus may take the sun without
wilting, burning or much fuss but the color is much more intense if it’s planted in a bit of shade. The
brick red color is edged with bright yellow as well as having the new growth emerge
yellow with just the slightest hint of brick red in the leaf veining
. These beautiful leafy plants reach
about 2 ft in height so they just fall into the middle height category for Coleus

Coleus Beckswith's Gem S & J Nursery plant startHeirloom Coleus Variety ‘Beckswith’s Gem’

An absolutely stunning coleus variety with large, brightly colored deep rose colored
foliage mottled with a rich burgundy purple and edged in a show stopping bright yellow gold
 The bright gold edge is lightly scalloped adding a touch of texture to the leaf typical of
coleus varieties. Beckswith’s Gem coleus plants will grow to 16-24 inches in height and
will maintain a mostly upright growth habit.  Tolerant of sun but may
have best color with a little bit of shade in Northeast Florida gardens.

Coleus Canine Green S & J Nursery(Stinky) Coleus Variety ‘Canine Green’

Coleus “Canine Green’ is grown and cultivated for its stinky foliage that is said to repel both
dogs and cats from the garden. This one is new to me and I have never tried it myself but definitely going to give
it a try in my vegetable beds this year! ( I have a big happy cat family and two dogs! ) Reports I have read seem
to say that it works if you plant plenty of them around the gardens. (Or pinch and stick cuttings in new places to
root to make new plants) Canine Green coleus will grow to 16 inches and makes a spreading
mound when full grown. Bright green foliage is rounded and smells slightly of skunk when brushed or
crushed! Tolerates sun or shade.

Coleus Chaotic Rose S & J Nursery plant start Coleus Variety ‘Chaotic Rose’

One of Cindy’s favorites, Coleus chaotic rose is the perfect addition to add some bright foliage
color and fine texture to your mixed container gardens. A sun loving variety with small, narrow, brightly colored,
rose pink leaves edged with darker rose to maroon and finally edged in green. The dark rose and green colored edges
highlight the light scalloped edges of these intensely colored coleus plants. Chaotic Rose Coleus will grow 12-15
inches in height and has a rounded, mounding habit. Plant in a sunny or shaded spot in Northeast Florida

Coleus Variety S & J Nursery Creamy Pineapple Coleus Variety ‘Creamy Pineapple’

This coleus variety is new to us here at S & J Nursery this year. It is touted to tolerated
sun or shade and hold it’s color well. The large leaves are mottled with green and a lovely creamy yellow
 turning almost creamy white as the leaf matures. The leaf veins are bright purple adding
interest to these delicately colored plants. Coleus Creamy Pineapple will grow quickly from 12-18 inches in
height and 15-18 inches wide.

Coleus Dark Star S & J Nursery Plant Start Coleus Variety ‘Dark Star’

Deep dark purple almost black foliage that holds it’s color through the summer months. Dark Star
Coleus has large almost rounded leaves that are heavily textured. Plants grow to a height of 12-24 inches high and
12-16 inches wide. Fast growing selection is the perfect compliment to brightly colored flowering perennials and
really sets off variegated foliage when planted close by. Pinch off blooms as they appear for best overall
appearance. Coleus Dark Star is said to grow in full sun or shade.

Coleus Variety S & J Nursery Defiance Heirloom Coleus Variety ‘Defiance’

A well loved and long time favorite of the Coleus plant family with bright red foliage
heavily edged with a bright lemon yellow
. These Coleus grab your attention and draw the eye wherever they
are planted. They are classified with the medium height growing coleus and quickly grow to 12-18 inches
high and wide. Plant Coleus Defiance in partially shaded areas.

 Coleus Variety ‘Dipt in Wine’

One of my favorite coleus plants with big bold foliage with leaf colors changing from
bright yellow to a dark rosy pink then to a deep red wine color and finally to top it all off the edges have a thin
line of lime green that follows the contour of the leaf edge accenting the light scalloped edges
Leaf veins are bright hot pink in color. Very pretty plant will grow to 20-36 inches
tall and only 12-16 inches wide,
 Dipt in Wine has a very upright growth
 Best color in Northeast Florida in a partial shade location.

Coleus Variety Finger Paint S & J Nursery plant start Coleus Variety ‘Finger Paint’

Another new variety of coleus here at S & J Nursery, Coleus finger paint boasts vibrant
foliage with shades of yellow, lime green, deep rose, and red wine colors all splashed over the leaves in
irregular patterns
 giving these pretty plants their name of “Finger Paint. ” I’m not sure about you
but my finger paintings never did look this pretty! Plant in partial shade locations. Finger Paint
coleus can reach 20 inches in height and has an upright habit. pinch growing tips every few months
to encourage branching.


Coleus Variety Flamingo S & J Nursery plant startColeus Variety ‘Flamingo’

New to S & J Nursery’s coleus varieties, Flamingo boasts beautiful and brightly colored
rose pink foliage with a hot pink center, a wide purple edge and just a hint of a hot pink line accenting
the scalloped edges of the leaf
. If that wasn’t good enough to make you want to give this pretty coleus
variety a try, consider this, it’s garden benefit isn’t just in its pretty colored leaves. Flamingo rarely
, so it reduces need to pinch out the flowering shoots! Anything that gives you less maintenance is
a good thing in my book so we are giving Flamingo Coleus a try! Flamingo Coleus grows to 15-18 inches tall
and 18-24 inches wide
 so give them plenty of room to branch out and go!

Coleus Hurrican Jenny S & J Nursey plant start Coleus Variety ‘Hurricane Jenny’

Hurricane Jenny is an unusual looking coleus plant. I’m excited to have found it available for
growing this year! A new selection of coleus here at S & J Nursery with an intriguing leaf pattern. The
leaf is a circular swirl with a lime green center and hints of a beautiful coppery red or dusty pink to burgundy
colored foliage that is thinly edged with a bright yellow green
 to accent the cut leaf edges. Plants
are compact only growing 12 inches high and wide. Plant in sun or partial shade and partial

Coleus Oxblood S & J Nursery plant start Coleus Variety ‘Oxblood’

Another longtime favorite coleus, Oxblood has rich red foliage delicately outlined with bright
yellow gold. Mounding habit coleus plant grows to 18-24 inches in height and 24-36 inches wide. Plant in partial
shade for the deepest coloration in Northeast Florida.

Coleus Variety Meandering Linda Coleus Variety ‘ Meandering Linda’

A first time coleus selecting here at S and  J Nursery, Meandering Linda intrigued me at first glance, the
prettily colored foliage is so small and delicate in comparison with other Coleus varieties that we have grown that
I could not help but give it a try. Meandering Linda coleus is a trailing selection that will grow up to 18
inches in height.

Coleus Pistachio Nightmare S & J nursery plant start Coleus Variety ‘Pistachio Nightmare’

A brightly colored coleus plant with exotic colors reminiscent of tropical fruits! A hot pink
center surrounded by white, then edged with a wide band of bright green with a deep burgundy flecks throughout the
leaf. An instant tropical effect that brings a little bit of paradise home in every pot.


Coleus Rustic OrangeColeus Variety ‘Rustic Orange’

Pretty orange coleus perfect for your “Gator Garden’ or fall decorating! Rustic Orange Coleus is
a beautiful light reddish orange with a golden serrated edge. It’s like a ray of sunshine for your garden! Plants
will grow from 18 to 24 inches in height and width so be sure to give them room to spread out. Pinch out flower
stalks as they arise for best appearance. Plant in part to full shade in Northeast Florida landscapes for best

Coleus Solar Shade S & J Nursery plant start Coleus Variety ‘Solar Shade’

A beautiful lime to yellow green coleus to brighten up your shady garden site. Foliage is heavily
veined with classic serrated edges typical of the coleus plant family. Solar Shade grows from 12-16 inches and is
the perfect ground cover when planted in masses. Very showy even at a distance.


Coleus Solar SunriseColeus Variety ‘Solar Sunrise’

Solar sunrise coleus is strikingly beautiful and will draw the eye wherever it is planted. Lime
green in the center melds gradually to a deep dark purple edge. Great color contrast for the garden. Solar Sunrise
will grow to 12-16 inches high, a well behaved coleus selection for mass plantings or container gardening.

Coleus Variety Wild Lime S & J Nursery Coleus Variety ‘Wild Lime’

My new favorite coleus this year I think has to be wild lime. The leaves are a bright lemony
yellow edged in rich green. The edge stands erect giving the coleus a ruffled appearance, very pretty foliage plant
for containers. Wild Lime is a medium growing coleus variety and can grow up to 16-22 inches in height. Upright
growth habit is perfect for mixing amongst other flowering plants in the garden without worrying that it will over
crowd it’s neighbor.