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Guide to Growing Northeast Florida Roses

Busy Life? Stop and Smell the Roses

With today’s busy life, don’t we all wish we could just stop and smell the roses? Well, the problem is we would
have to plant and care for them first!

Gardening is changing, more and more requests for low fuss landscape plants that you don’t have to trim or fuss
with to keep them looking good come in every day. Low maintenance landscape has never been in higher demand.

While we as gardeners don’t seem to want to have to fuss with the plants ,we at the same time seem to dream of
an herb garden or want container plants for our patios and entry ways and wish we had those beautiful roses we
remember in our Grandmothers yard.

The desire for a landcape that you don’t ever have to work in and the desire for edible landcapes and pretty
flower pots seem to be at war with one another.It seems to me that we as gardeners have decided to be a bit more
selctive about what we give our time to in the garden. We are willing to spend some time and effort on things with
a greater reward than jus tbeing green in the landscape. For example, growing a vegetable garden gives us a
bountiful harvest for the long hours and hard work that we put in, beautiful flowering pots by our doors welcome us
home after a long hard day, herb gardens keep us from the ridiculous prices of a handful of herbs at the local
market and give us loads of bragging rights at the dinner table, fresh cut roses entertain our noses and bring us
back to summers spent with Grandma, or that perfect evening by the lake with just one whiff.

So maybe its not that we don’t want to trim or fuss or just work out in the garden in general, but maybe
that we want to prioritize where we spend the time we do have in the garden and choose what we deem worthy of our
time. Is it just that we want low maintenance everywhere else in our landscapes so we can have the time to
fuss with a few special things that give us the reward we are looking for?

So many of us dream of those “never promised rose gardens” for our landscapes. So why do we not all have

If you are just starting out and know nothing about roses, or just are intimidated by what can seem
like a daunting task of learning about and caring for roses. Well there is great news for all of us amateur
rosarians. With Antique roses and own root landscape shrub roses, new ever blooming groundcover roses etc. it
really is easier than ever before to easily fit roses right into your existing Northeast Florida gardens.

At S & J Nursery we have a selection of roses for everyone, from the avid rose collector to the lover of all
things “Antique” to the no time gardener who needs their Roses to pretty much just take care of themselves. There
is a rose that’s right for your North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area garden, so you too can stop and
smell the roses. 🙂

Need some help on where to start looking for Roses? Here is a link to the tried and true Roses that
are great for Northeast Florida landscapes broken down into categories that hopefully will help you find the rose
that is just the perfect fit for your garden.

Northeast Florida Roses By Category

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