Cantaloupe, Honeydew and Muskmelon

S & J Nursery Cantaloupe,

Honeydew and Muskmelon


Muskmelon Variety  ‘Ambrosia’

An easy favorite for home gardens, Ambrosia Muskmelons are mildew resistant and have beautiful peach colored highly aromatic fruits. The rind is thick and heavily netted, flesh is thick, firm, super sweet and delicious right down to the rind! These 6 inch melons weigh 5-6 lbs each and slip from the vine when gently tugged when ripened. Plant in rows spacing each plant 2 ft apart in rows 3-6 ft apart. Orr plant several plants per mound in mounds spaced 5 ft from the center of one mound to the center of another. 86 days to Harvest.

Muskmelon Heirloom  ‘Hale`s Best Jumbo’

This heirloom selection of Muskmelon is still being grown for its sweet thick walled fruits with small seed pockets. The skins of Hale`s Best Jumbo are a medium green color with golden netting that changes to a tan color when fully ripened. Flesh is exceptionally sweet and has a beautiful soft salmon coloring. Hale`s Best Jumbo is a widely adaptable Muskmelon variety that has been grown in gardens across America since the 1920’s. Oval shaped fruits are 4 lbs each, harvest begins at 85 days from planting. Plant spacing is 3-6 ft.


Muskmelon Heirloom  ‘Hearts of Gold’

This heirloom selection of Muskmelon has long been a favorite of home gardeners. Introduced in 1895, Hearts of Gold Muskmelons are still grown today for their reliable harvest of high quality fruits, grown on prolific vines. Hearts of Gold has a heavily netted skin with medium ribbing. Fruits are 3-5 lbs each and 6-7 inches in diameter, almost perfectly rounded fruits. Flesh is sweet and delicious, has a nice rich, dark red – orange color with excellent flavor. Muskmelon will begin to separate or crack at the stem where it connects to the vine when ripened and will easily slip from the vine when tugged. Be sure to check for ripe melons daily, harvest begins at 90 days from seed planting.

 Muskmelon Heirloom  ‘Minnesota Midget’

A pretty little miniature Muskmelon with a short harvest time, small fruits and compact vines that is just perfect for small spaces or containers. These compact vines produce an abundance of sweet round 4 inch melons and are resistant to fusarium wilt. It’s the Classic muskmelon flavor in a “personal size” fruit!