Hardy Shrub Roses

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Hardy Shrub Roses

For the Northeast Florida | Jacksonville| St. Augustine area

“Shrub rose” is a made up term by the American Rose Society to help aid in classifying bushy rose plants
that were not at home in another category. ( The class includes hybrid musks, Rugosas, Moyesii, and Kordesii roses
as well as the famous David Austin or English rose and others ) The Shrub rose category will include modern
day breeding selections such as the knockout Rose Collection, old garden roses and even a few that age back so
far as to be considered ancient.

Shrub roses are hardy landscape roses with lots of foliage, good disease resistance, easy care roses
that are planted as you would any other variety of hardy shrub as a the ‘bones’ of a landcape. Those
“bones” will be a long lasting investment that will help fit together all of the
gardens ornamental pieces.

Shrub roses are a great plant choice for busy gardeners here in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine
area landscape.

Belindas Dream Rose

Butterfly Rose ‘Mutabilis’

The Knockout Rose Red ‘Radrazz’

The Double Knockout Rose ‘Radtko’

The Pink Knockout Rose ‘ Radcon’

The Double Pink Knockout Rose ‘ Ratkopink’

The Blushig Knockout Rose ‘ Radyod’