Coontie Palm

Coontie Palm Origins:Coontie Palm / Zamia Pumila Zamia Floridana fronds up close

– Zamia Floridana / Zamia Pumila is a Florida native plant that is a great drought
tolerant groundcover or accent plant for the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine Florida.

 – Coontie Palms are the larval plant food of the Atala butterfly!

Coontie Palm Preferred Exposure:

– Plant Coontie Zamia Floridana / Zamia Pumila in a partial shade location for best
results in the North Florida | Jacksonville and St. Augustine area landcape but plants will tolerate full

Coontie Palm Fronds | Trunk:

– Deep green foliage of the Coontie Palm remains evergreen through the winter,
plants do not develop a trunk but rather, thick, leathery feather-like fronds emerge from underground root

 – Foliage of the Florida native Coontie Palm is very showy tropical effect in
the landscape.

Coontie Palm Soil Preference / Salt tolerance:

– Coontie Palms planted in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine
landscape will tolerate virtually any soil components, providing they are planted into well drained soils.

– Salt tolerance is good and plants can be used in coastal areas of the North
Florida landscape. Plant near but not directly on ocean side.

Coontie Palm Size Variance:

– Zamia Floridana / Zamia Pumila plants can reach sizes of 2-4 feet H | and
spreading 3-5 feet in width.

Coontie Palm Growth Habit:

– Zamia Floridana / Pumila has a low growing, broad spreading habit that will form a
nicely rounded mound of tropical foliage.

 – S & J Nursery’s Coontie Palms add bold texture to the landscape and add
an instant tropical effect.

Coontie Palm Growth Rate:

– Slow growing member of the Cycad family will take many many years to reach its
potential size.

Coontie Palm Bloom:

– Coontie Palms have no flowers, plants are either male or female and female plants
can produce a cone like fruit that is quite showy.

Coontie Palm Water Requirements:

– Extremely drought tolerant once established into the landscape. S & J
Nursery’s Coontie Palms store water that can be utilized by the plant during prolonged droughts.

Best Uses For Coontie Palm in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine

– Coontie Palm is an excellent choice for a landscape statement as its big bold
textured foliage is very showy in the landscape and adds instant tropical appeal.

 – Excellent potted plant for porches, patio, pool side and even indoor

 – Plant Coontie Palms 3-5 ft from the center of one to the center of another
for a low maintenance groundcover for the Florida landscape.

Care of Coontie Palm / Zamia Floridana / Zamia Pumila Palms:

– Minimal effort needed for maintenance after planting.

 – Fertilize each spring with a slow release Poly coated plant food like