Sod Installation of your fresh new lawn is as Easy as 1-2-3.

1 –  Call S & J today for a FREE ESTIMATE on sod installation at # 904-522-1786 and schedule a time that is convenient for you to meet our professionals at your home to discuss where you would like to see your new grass lawn put and what old turf needs removed as well as what variety of sod will work best for your Jacksonville or North Florida lawn as well as your maintenance needs.

2 – Schedule the delivery and sod installation time for your sod lawn to be installed.

3 –  Sit back, relax and enjoy the view while the professionals at S & J nursery make your newly sodden lawn the talk of the neighborhood.

What exactly do you get when you call S & J for sod installation in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area?

What we do:

* First we check your sprinkler system and adjust the heads to ensure we know their location and that they are working properly.

If additional irrigation heads are needed for appropriate coverage we will install them at your request for $75 each.

* We will cut out the existing weeds and damaged sod from your lawn area with a sod cutter and remove all the debris from the site.

* Prepare all edges of areas to be replaced and resodded to insure a smooth match to all pavements, curbs or existing lawn.

* Then we will install fresh new sod specifically purchased to suit you with the consideration of your yards environmental as well as maintenance requirements and needs.

It may be that St Augustine grass, Centipede grass, Bahia grass, Bermada grass, Zoysia grass, or a newer cultivar suits your needs better. The more you know about these grasses and where they thrive rather than survive the better your lawn will be.

* Then we double check the sprinkler system and make any necessary repairs and adjustments.

* You pay for the completed work.


Don’t hire a novice or a shyster, to install your new sod,

use the experienced professionals at S & J !

 Our promise to you:

Our team works hard to get you exactly what you want. And when you hire S & J we will do our best to meet your needs and do it with a smile. At S & J we love what we do and it shows.

We tell you in our estimates how much sod is required and how much sod is put down. We pay for the sod by the pallet and so do you. That means if it takes 6 pallets of sod to do your lawn you pay for 6 pallets of sod. If it only takes 5 pallets of sod you pay for 5 pallets of sod!

There is no hiding the quantity or square foot calculated in your estimate! They are given to you to compare with the areas marked and covered.

What can effect the coverage of a pallet of sod?

Sod coverage area can vary depending on just about everything in the selection process. Allot of factors are considered when selecting an purchasing the sod that will go into your yard and the square foot as well as the usability of those square feet per pallet can be effected by…

  • where your sod is purchased 
  • time of year the sod is cut 
  • base of the sod if it is a sand or has a muck base (the dirt material composition used to grow the sod on) 
  • variety of sod 
  • recent rainfall at the various sod farm locations 
  • even the period of time between farm and delivery to distributors can change the amount of usable sod on a pallet of sod. 

Want to do your own sod installation? Our DIY Sod section has some great information to help you on your way.