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When it comes to Northeast Florida trees the choices you have for the landscape can seem endless, leaving us overwhelmed when we try to decide what to plant.

We have all heard that the right plant in the right place makes all the difference in the world and never is that more true than when choosing trees to fit a specific location. With smaller plants we can manipulate the soil and drainage issues to suit the plants. The root systems of smaller plants will happily grow and stay where the plant is but on larger trees those roots reach on average 2-3 times the width of the foliage spread. Researchers have even DNA matched willow tree roots as far as 3 miles from the trunk. For that reason it is not so easy to artificially create a trees growing needs in the landscape and is far better to match the tree selected to the site that you have as it is.

How do we know what is right for our home site? And where do we start when Florida trees are unfamiliar? Matching  your site to the trees that will grow well there will require a basic knowledge of your sites sun exposure, soil makeup and drainage. Once you have a pretty good grasp of those three things take a look at the  categories in the link below. I have attempted to break down Northeast Florida trees based on how and where the trees will be used in the landscape to help narrow down the vast selections to suit your individual site needs. Hope it helps!  

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