Crape Myrtle Varieties

S & J Nursery’s

Crape Myrtle Varieties

for the Northeast Florida Landscape

Whether you visit North Florida for summer vacation or your a more permanent resident, you just
cant help but notice the Crape Myrtles. They are literally everywhere, from the highways and parking lots to the
quiet corners in the backyards, they really are everywhere they are stunning!

The blooms tend to start to put on their display towards the end of May and just keep getting better
as the summer progresses. For the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area garden nothing will give you a better flower
show than Crape Myrtles in the summer. We love them and it shows.

With so many selections available there is a perfect cultivar to fit just about any
garden space big or small. All they need is a nice sunny spot and a little tender loving care to get them

Here at S & J Nursery we currently have in stock over 14 selected named varieties. Each one
specifically chosen for one of its unique characteristics like the stunning flowers we are all so fond of in a wide
array of colors, or its height, growth rate, shape and don’t forget about pest and disease resistance. Crape
Myrtle trees have come a long ways in the world of plant hybridization with vivid reds and deep
purples, maroon or burgundy new growth, orange red or yellow fall color and my personal
favorite absolutely beautiful peeling bark that adds such great interest in the fall and winter

Ask two people a question about Crape Myrtles in their gardens and I guarantee you will get contradicting
answers! Try it … Lets pick a simple one…Do Crape Myrtles grow fast? Someone will tell you yes and someone
will tell you no. And guess what…. they are both right.

Each selection has its own unique characteristics from the color of the blossom, the time the
blossoms start blooming and the time that they finish blooming the color the foliage changes in fall
before it falls off of the tree in winter, the height when mature ( 6ft or 30 ft, that’s quite a
difference), the shape the foliage takes naturally ( weeping , rounded or vase shaped ) the color of the bark… it
just keeps going.

Choosing the right Crape Myrtle tree for the right space is crucial to its overall
success and your happiness with your tree long term. Not to mention the maintenance and
unnecessary pruning you can save yourself by having the right plant for the right place. For instance, if you
put a lagerstroemia Muskogee where you want a small tree for right in front of a window and you will quickly have a
nightmare on your hands, but put a lagerstroemia Catawba in that same space and it will be a life long love

Well, I love Crape Myrtles and I want you to as well so…here are a few tried and true varieties
for the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area gardeners landscape, we have broken them out into
categories to attempt to simplify your search for the perfect selection of lagerstroemia. Whether you want a
shade tree that grows 30 feet tall to be a dominant feature in the overall curb appeal of your home or you just
want a little blooming tree for your patio to sit and enjoy the butterflies there is a Crape Myrtle variety that is
right for you.

S & J Nursery Smaller Sized Crape Myrtles for Smaller Spaces

Lagerstroemia Acoma Crepe Myrtle ( white weeping )

Lagerstroemia Burgundy Cotton Crape Myrtle ( white with a
pale pink center )

Lagerstroemia Pink Velour Crape Myrtle (

Lagerstroemia White Chocolate Crepe Myrtle ( white )

S & J Nursery Medium Sized Crape Myrtles for North Florida Gardens

Lagerstormia Dynamite ( Dark Red Crape Myrtle flowers)

Lagerstroemia Peppermint Red Crape Myrtle ( red and white bicolor blossom that may appear pink form a distance

Lagerstormia Red Rocket ( Dark Red Crape Myrtle flowers)

Lagerstroemia Sioux Crape Myrtle ( bubble gum colored pink )

Lagerstroemia Tonto Crape Myrtle ( raspberry red or hot pink color often
described a fuschia )

Lagerstroemia Zuni Crape Myrtle ( deep rosy purple )

S & J Nursery Large Growing Crape Myrtles for Big Shade Trees

Lagerstroemia Muskogee Crape Myrtle ( lavender that ages to a light
pinkish tinged lavender)

Lagerstroemia Natchez Crape Myrtle ( white )

Lagerstroemia Tuscarora Crape Myrtle ( salmon red color often
described as bright or hot pink )

Lagerstroemia indica x fauriei Tuskegee (dark hot pink/ red)