Abelias for Northeast Florida

Abelia has been a long time garden favorite that has stood the test of time in home gardens. Truly an heirloom plant that won the hearts of gardeners over a hundred and seventy years ago when they were brought into England in 1844. Those plants of Abelia chinensis were given their name in honor or Clark Abel a British naturalist who, as the story goes, unsuccessfully attempted to bring the plants and seeds back with him on a voyage from China that was shipwrecked and later plants were successfully obtained. These heirloom plants have flourished and thrived, blooming nearly year round with their wonderful display of blooms in gardens ever since with little care from us and few pest or disease problems. Looking at their graceful arching canes full of glossy deep green foliage, adorned with dainty trumpet shaped blossoms in the palest shades of pink imaginable, it is easy to see why they became a garden staple of the past.

We however, aren’t the only creatures to be captivated by these long blooming beauties. Abelias provide a wonderful nectar source for butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators. Their bloom season that starts in spring and continues through summer and fall make them a reliable nectar source for local pollinators and people alike. Being a member of the honeysuckle (Caprifoliaceae) family, those blooms have been picked and tasted by little human fingers as well, sipping the nectar from the base for a sweet treat that has been a favorite garden pastime of children for many years.

With many newer modern hybrid cultivars of Ablia chinensis , Abelia uniflora and Abelia grandifloara that boast bright colorful foliage and compact growth habits captivating the gardening world once again, there is sure to be an Abelia that is a prefect fit for your Jacksonville | St. Augustine Florida area garden.

Abelia Plant Selections for the Northeast Florida, Jacksonville | St. Augustine area Garden

Abelia Edward Goucher

Abelia Francis Mason

Abelia Glossy

Abelia Kaleidascope

Abelia Rose Creek 3 gallon Crop blooming

Abelia Rose Creek

Abelia Silver Anniversary

Abelia Sunshine Daydream