Southern Pea Varieties

S & J Nursery Southern Pea Varieties for 2014 

Southern Pea Variety Heirloom ‘Pinkeye Purple Hull’

Pinkeye Purple Hull is a popular selection of southern pea or cowpea for the Northeast Florida and southeast Georgia area. Favored by local home gardeners for its rich unique flavor and creamy texture. Pea pods have a pretty dark purple coloring and peas held within those pods are a creamy white color with a purple or pinkish eye. Good disease resistance. Use for canning, freezing and of coarse, eating fresh! Pinkeye Purple Hull is a semi vining habit southern pea variety and will yield clusters of 6-7 purple pods. Harvest frequently for maximum production. Harvest begins 65 days from planting.  


Southern Pea Variety Heirloom ‘White Acre’ 

This heirloom southern pea is a local favorite and have managed to remain my familys personal favorite year after year! The bright green pea’s have a flavor that is mild and delicious, an unique among southern peas! They can be found in roadside stands and local farmers markets during the summer months here in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area but they disappear quickly! Although a black eyed pea selection, white acre has no darkened eye and are much smaller and more tender than traditional blackeye. 18-25 peas per pod, ready to harvest in as little as 62 days from planting.