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St. Augustine Area Landscape

Daniel F Austin author of one of my favorite books Florida Ethnobotany, attributes the latin name Acer (latin for sharp) to the early use of the Maple trees wood in the making of spikes and lances. We certainly have lost that use of Maple trees to our history but many of their uses remain today such as maple syrup from sugar maples and the pale fine grained wood from maple trees is still used to create prized furniture  pieces. My personal  favorite use of maple trees is of coarse is as the gorgeous lawn ornaments that they can be for our Northeast Florida landscape. We see so little tree color that Maples are a welcome addition to any landscape as they are hardy,  easy to care for and add the much desired seasonal interest in the landscape that al of us Floridians only dream of.  How many hours do I spend gazing at the trees in those gorgeous images alight with fall foliage colors in beautiful autumn shades on trees from our Northern neighbors? Is that even fair? Maybe, our shorts on Christmas may just be a decent trade off, maybe.  With the maple trees, we get to bring just a little bit of that beauty home here in our subtropical paradise.

Maple Varieties

for Northeast Florida Landscapes

Red MapleRed maple Fall foliage color

 Silver Maplesilver maple tree

Japanese Maple ‘Blood Good’

Japanese Maple bloodgood

Japanese Maple ‘Tamukeyama’

japanese Maple Tamukeyama

Japanese Maple ‘Greenleaf’

Japanese maple Greenleaf