Specialty Edibles

Specialty Edibles for the Adventurous Gardeners of Northeast Florida 

Gardeners are an adventurous bunch, we are always looking for something new or unique to grow that we have never tried before. Whether it is a newly discovered sport off an old favorite, an heirloom we have never been able to track down the seeds for, or a new oversees import never seems to matter. Another new adventure in gardening is all we ask for from the therapy sessions we call gardening. 

 This section of the edibles site will surely be my favorite and I hope you give some of these unusual plants a try in your garden right along with me! Happy gardening!

African Potato Mint

Florida Cranberry

Goji Berry

Longevity Spinach (Gynura Procumbens)

Okinowa Spinach ( Gynura crepiodes)

Sherbet Berry ( Grewia asiatica )