Native Shrubs

S & J Nursery’s Guide to

Native Shrubs

for Northeast Florida

Anise, Red ( Illicum floridanum)

Anise, Florida Sunshine

( Illicum parviflorum ‘Florida Sunshine’)

Anise, Yellow ( Illicum parviflorum)

Beautyberry ( Callicarpa americana )

Firebush ( Hemelia patens)

Florid Privet ( Forestiera segregata)

Galberry ( Ilex Glabra)

Simpson Stopper ( Myrcianthes fragrans )

Schillings Dwarf Youpon Holly ( Ilex vomitoria ‘Schillings Dwarf’ )

Sea Grape ( coccoloba uvifera ) (* St. Augustine area* )

Wax Myrtle ( Myrica cerifera )

Wax Myrtle, Don’s Dwarf ( Myrica cerifera ‘dwarf’ )

Walters Viburnum ‘Mrs. Schillers Delight’

Walters Viburnum ‘Walters Whorled Class’

Wild Coffee ( Psychotria nervosa )

Youpon Holly Upright ( Ilex vomitoria )

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 Native Shrubs for the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area

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 Florida Native plants for the St. Augustine