Eggplant Varieties

S & J Nursery Eggplant Varieties for 2016 Northeast Florida Vegetable Gardens

Eggplant flowers and fruit forming S & J Nursery

Eggplant Variety ‘Amethyst’

Amethyst Eggplant is not only great for the kitchen but great for the flower garden as well. Silvery foliage and purple flowers give way to bright, satin finish, rosy purple fruits in summer. These compact plants were bred for container production and make a nice addition to smaller space gardens and pots. Fruits are sweet, tender and just keep producing through summer in the Northeast Florida garden. Amethyst eggplants are 20 inches high and wide. Harvest begins in as little as 55 days!

Eggplant Variety ‘Black Beauty’

One of America`s favorite eggplant varieties, and by far the most widely grown selection in Florida. Black beauty is an open pollinated variety perfect for Northeast Florida. Easy to grow and easy to pick. Expect 10-12 large, glossy, dark blackish purple eggplants from each plant during summertime. Black Beauty eggplants grow a little over two feet high and 2 ft wide. Harvest begins at 80 days.


Eggplant Variety Purple Blaze

Eggplant Variety Purple Blaze young fruit formingPurple Blaze is another eggplant variety that is just as at home in the flower garden as it is in the vegetable garden. Neon Purple fruits with white streaks down the side add color and interest to the garden when the lovely lavender blooms have gone. Fruits are creamy white  on the inside and the small 4 inch fruit’s flesh is tender and sweet. Purple Blaze eggplants grow 18-20 inches in height and width.

Eggplant Variety Early Long Purple

Early long purple eggplant is a good producer of Asian style eggplants. The long slender fruits are slightly swollen or bulbous at the sides in comparison to other Asian eggplants selections. Fruits are meaty and easy to slice, dark rich purple when mature. 75 days to harvest.  

Eggplant Variety Italian Viserba

Pretty plants with lavender pink blooms in summer that give way to beautiful eggplant fruits. These authentic Italian eggplants produce high yields of long and slender, dark, glossy fruits that are purple toned black in color when mature. Flesh is creamy white and very flavorful. Great size for slicing.  

Eggplant Variety Prosperosa

Italian Heirloom eggplant variety. Prosperosa eggplants are a beautiful addition to any garden. Standing taller than most of today’s eggplant selections, Prosperosa will naturally be a stand out in the garden, it’s big bold foliage and decorative fruits add color and texture to the garden. Pleated fruits of the Prosperosa eggplant variety are 4-5 inches long and wide and have a deep rosy purple base color with a generous portion of white peeking out under the stem cap and a lovely purple black base that gently fades to a rosy purple then to white as it gets closer to the stem of the fruit.   

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