S & J Nursery’s Ligustrum Shrubs

 for the North Florida Landscape

Ligustrum shrubs are among the most common of landscape plants in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area and for good reason. With little to no pest and disease problems that bother them ligustrum varieties make excellent low maintenance landscape selections. Just plant them in any sunny location in well drained soils ( no wet feet for these guys ) and watch them grow!

S & J Nursery’s Ligustrum Varieties

Ligustrum Japonicum

Ligustrum Recurve

Ligustrum recurve foliage up close showing the twist of the leaf

Ligustrum Variegated Howardii

Ligustrum howardii Variegated showing bright yellow new growth foliage  Hedge and patio Trees in a North Florida landscape

Ligustrum Jack Frost

Ligustrum jack Frost shrubs used as a low growing hedge

Ligustrum Sunshine

Ligustrum Variegated Senensis