Cypress, Arizona

S & J Nursery’s Guide to Growing

Arizona Cypress Trees

in the Northeast Florida Landscape

Cupressus ‘Arizonica’ )

Arizona Cypress Origins:Arizona cypress foliage up close showing its beautiful silver coloring S & J Nursery St. Augustine Florida

– Native to North America

Arizona Cypress  Exposure:

– The Arizona Cypress tree will need to be planted in a full sun exposure.

Arizona Cypress Foliage | Bark:

– Cupressus Arizonica foliage is by far my personal favorite of the
junipers, they have  soft silvery green colored foliage and a lacey texture that stands up and makes a statement in the landscape.

– Bark of the Arizona Cypress is a medium brownish color and tends to peel, turning greyish with age.

 Arizona Cypress Soil Preference / Salt tolerance:

– Arizona Cypress trees will prefer well drained soils, not particular about soil composition or  PH etc. as long as its not planted in areas that retain moisture even for brief periods following rains in our North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area landscapes.

Arizona Cypress Size Variance:

– Can reach sizes of 30-40+ feet H | 15-25+ feet W

Arizona Cypress Growth Habit:

– Arizona Cypress trees will have an upright, narrow, much taller than it is
wide, almost columnar habit tapering from a very narrow top to a much wider base.

Arizona Cypress Growth Rate:

– Fast

Arizona Cypress Bloom:

– Trees will have an inconspicuous yellowish colored bloom followed by much larger but still very small, only growing up to an inch across. cones that tend to persist on the branches.

Arizona Cypress in the LandscapeArizona Cypress Tree’s Water Requirements:

– Drought tolerant, once established in the landscape
little supplemental irrigation will be required.

Butterfly or Bird Attracting:

– NA

Best Uses For Arizona Cypress in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine
area landscape:

– Arizona Cypress is an excellent choice for a screen or privacy
hedge where additional height is needed and a low maintenance plant with little pruning is desired.

 – I also love to see these trees planted in groups of three or more in an
Island in the lawn or as an accent plant in foundation plantings.

 – An excellent replacement tree for Leyland Cypress in the Florida

Care of Arizona Cypress:

– Water every day during the establishment period. See watering your newly planted trees for more information.

– Little pruning needed if any

– Provide a 1 ft diameter circle of mulched area where grass is kept from growing for each inch of caliper (or diameter) of trunk measured 4 inches from the ground level.

– Fertilize each spring with a mixture of Milorganite and a slow release poly coated plant food such as Osmocote or Stay Green general purpose plant food, sprinkling the fertilizer around the mulch circle underneath the foliage of the tree