Determinate VS. Indeterminate

Tomato Plants…

Determinate VS. Indeterminate

What is the Deal Anyway?  

Determinate Tomato Varities, grow to a genetically predetermined mature height and then stop growing.

Negatives of Determinate Tomato Varieties:

Generally carry less disease resistance so careful attention to ‘scouting practices’ need to be observed.

Positives of Determinate Tomato Varieties:

 – Determinate tomato varieties require less staking.

 – Plants will bear heavily and are ready to harvest much earlier.

 – Great selections for the early spring or 1st tomato crop of the year for Norhteast Florida! 

Indeterminate Tomato Varieites, continue to grow until frost kills the plants.

Negatives of the indeterminate tomato selections:

– These indeterminate varieties of tomato get quite large and laugh at tomato cages you can pick up at your local hardware store. They will need sturdy staking systems, large cages or careful attention to pruning techniques.

– Indeterminate tomato varieties tend to be ready for harvest a little later.

Positive attributes of indeterminate tomato varieties:

– Most Heriloom tomato varieties are indeterminate, heirlooms varieties were bred for flavor and usefullness rather than bred to have pretty fruit for marketability and tend to have more flavorful fruit. In addition, indeterminate varieties seem to typically carry more disease resistance.

– Indeterminate tomato varieties will continue bearing fruit longer.

 – Great selections for the fall crop or second tomato crop of the year in Northeast Florida.