Planting From Containers

Tips For Planting From Containers

into the Northeast Florida

from S & J Tree Farm and Nursery

Planting from containers schilling 3 gallons

Planting your new container grown plants into your
Northeast Florida landscape has it’s share of challenges. I have noticed over the years of helping people with
their plant questions and problems, that we
 all tend to have difficulty with
 same things! Florida is unique in an of itself, so it is no wonder that gardening here is unique
as well. So if you are new to gardening, don’t be afraid to dig in and get growing, hopefully with these few basics
under your belt, your landscape will get off to the best start possible. Or if you are a garden veteran from a
cooler climate zone, with just a little bit of tweaking, your green thumb will be as happy in Florida’s sandy soils
as it was anywhere else in our beautiful nation!

  Things to Consider Before Planting From A Container into the Northeast Florida

There are allot of factors that can affect your plants overall
health. The soil it is planted in, the amount of sunlight it gets each day, how much water it receives, how long
that water sits in the soil after rains or irrigating, and how much exposure to wind or cold winter temperatures
your plant will receive all have an effect on your plants overall health and vigor. Click the link above for more
information on things to consider before planting your container grown plants into the landscape.

Installing Plants From S & J Nursery Containers

 Into The Northeast Florida Landscape

Planting practices differ depending on the mature
e of the plant being installed. Flowers and smaller growing shrubs will be
planted differently from larger growing trees. Here are links to pages containing all the information you will need
to get your new flowers shrubs and trees off to the best start possible.

Installing Smaller Plants into the Northeast Florida Landscape

Click the link above for help with the installation of small
flowering plants, perennial borders, shrub beds and other areas where smaller plants will be planted in close
proximity to each other.

Installing Larger Plants into the Northeast Florida Landscape

 Click the link above for help with proper installation techniques when
installing larger container grown shrubs and trees into the Northeast Florida Landscape

Don’t forget to water those newly installed plants and trees !

Once you have successfully planted your new container grown
landscape plants into the garden, it’s time to learn how to care for them. Similar to
 planting techniques vary depending on the size of the plant,
watering practices will also vary depending on the container
of the plant you have chosen to install.

Sound confusing? Don’t worry, here are some helpful links to pages
of more infomation on watering your new plants.

Watering your New Smaller Plants in Northeast Florida 

Watering New
Larger Shrubs and Trees

Click the links above for more information on how to properly water
your newly planted flowers, grasses, shrubs, vines, trees etc. after being planted from an S & J Tree Farm and
Nursery container into the Norhteast Florida landscape.