” Do It Yourself ” Sod Repair and Replacement in North Florida


When it comes to your North Florida lawn, there is no reason to fear DIY sod. With some careful planning and a little help from the pro’s your DIY sod will look professionally done without the added cost of labor to pay others to remove and replace your old grass lawn. When its all finished and your showing off your new grass sod to the neighbors, you’ll have the added satisfaction of having done it yourself.



The Lawn is an Integral Part of the Landscape 


Your Florida lawn is the canvas on which your landscape is painted. The lines and curves created at its borders add both elegance and structure to the garden’s landscape.

The Sod Texture and Color Choice of a properly selected, well manicured lawn enhance the beauty of its surrounding landscape.

A poorly selected and struggling lawn detracts from the overall appearance of its surroundings and quickly becomes the focal point of the landscape.


Choosing the Right Grass Sod for Your Landscape is an Important Step and Should be Approached With a Measure of Caution. 

Theres a saying I came across years ago that I have probably repeated a million times when talking to people about plants for their yards. Its the “right plant for the right place.” Plants grow everywhere, from the top of mountains to the depths of the sea and everywhere in between.

Knowing what we want our landscape to do for us and what type of plants grow where, naturally on their own withought our intervention, helps us to match the right plant to the right place in our landscape. I think it applies to choosing the right variety of sod just the same if not more than it does for plant selection.

Properly selecting a sod that will favor what you want to accomplish with your lawn as well as considering each variety of grass sod’s ability to cope with your sites environmental factors will help assure long term succsess for your  DIY sod lawn.

Would you believe that answering 4 simple questions would tell you what type of grass sod you will need to meet both your personal preferences and your sites individual requirements for a hassle free sod lawn?  Give it a try, the answer to these  four simple questions will guide your sod selection effortlessly.

5 Simple Steps to a DIY Sod Lawn

1 –  Measure the area you are going to remove

       and replace with new grass sod.

2 –  Select the type of grass you will be putting

       back in the damaged areas

3 –  Prepare the area by removing the existing vegetation

       and adding amendments if necessary

4 –  Call your local sod delivery service to set up your delivery!

*For the Jacksonville Florida area call Randy at Rondtree Sod on Phillips Highway at 904-741-4SOD

5 –  Call in all your favors from friends and neighbors and get to work!


Laying Your New Sod Lawn

Ok,so youve called in all your favors and scheduled your time to be able to get your new sod lawn in, now how do you do it? With these 5 easy steps to laying DIY sod, You’ll be glad you chose to do it yourself!