Pentas are easy care plants that can grow happily in any kind of garden soil whether they are in full sun or partial shade in Northeast Florida gardens. They are widely tolerant of soil components and conditions and can be a successful garden planting in sandy well drained soils and heavy clay soils that remain moist much of the time.

With blooms in spring summer and fall Pentas attract attention year round and are excellent pollinator friendly plants. They are my absolute single go to source for nectar plants for butterflies in the landscape. 

Their easy care habit and ability to thrive under a wide array of circumstances make them a great plant for beginner gardeners that will help you feel like your capable of being green thumbs after all!

Not all Pentas are created equal, some are hardy perennial selections that will return year after year in the Northeast Florid landscape and can grow from 2-4 feet or more in height and some Penta selections are planted in late spring or early summer for a stunning display of annual bedding plants that are perfect for low care areas like neighborhood entry’s or commercial buildings.

S & J Nursery’s Penta Selections

available at times throughout the year


Click the links below to find out more about the different varieties of Pentas available. 

Penta Butterfly Mix

A prolific blooming Perennial Penta Selection that is in the midsize range of growth heights and
widths. Butterfly Pentas can grow to 2 ft high and almost just as wide and come in a wide array of colors.

Penta Heirlooms

These bold colored beauties are perfect for the back of the border, growing up to 4 ft and even
taller in a more shaded area of your Northeast Florida garden.

Penta Annual Graffiti Hybrid Mix

Graffiti Pentas boast bright  bold colors on compact plants. In Northeast Florida Graffiti
Pentas are an annual selection perfect for easy care, low growing bedding flowers for the front of the border or
foundation planting.