Banana Ornamental Red ‘Maurelii’

S & J Nursery’s

Ornamental Banana

Red Leaf Maurelii

( Ensete Ventricosum”Maurelii” )

Ornamental Banana Red Leaf  Maurelii / Red BananaAbyssinian Banana Origins:

 – Ensete Ventricosum Maurelii is a banana like perennial plant native to
Africa. It is prized and cultivated for it’s decorative foliage color and texture that adds an instant tropical appeal to any landscape.

 Ornamental Banana Red Leaf Maurelii Preferred Exposure:

– Plant your Ornamental banana red leaf Maurelii plant in a full sun or full shade location preferably in an area that is protected from high winds.

Ornamental Banana Red Leaf Maurelii  Foliage:

– The large leaves of Ornamental banana ensete Maurelii may grow up to 10-12 ft in length. The deep wine red colored stems and wine colored blush on the foliage really make a pretty garden display.

 – Foliage of the ornamental banana red Maurelii  is said to be cold
tolerant to 20-25 degrees without damage. Foliage may remain evergreen during the winter in our North Florida area gardens, but can go dormant and come back up the following spring depending on winter conditions
and exposure.

Ornamental Banana Red Leaf Maurelii  Soil Preference / Salt tolerance:

-Amend sandy soils generously with compost when planting your red Maurelii ornamental banana plants.

– Salt tolerant plant selection perfect for coastal gardens.

Ornamental Banana Red Leaf Maurelii Size Variance:

– The foliage on the Ornamental Banana Red Leaf Maurelii  plant will
reach 10-15 ft high and 8-10 ft wide in the Northeast Florida Landscape.

Ornamental Banana Red Leaf Maurelii Growth Habit:

– Evergreen, clumping perennial plant forms an attractive, upright mound
of tropical foliage.

Ornamental Banana Red Leaf Maurelii Growth Rate:

– Moderate to fast growing plant selection.

Ornamental Banana Red Leaf Maurelii Ear Bloom:

– I have yet to see one of these ornamental red leaf bananas produce a bloom for me here in my Northeast Florida garden. They are said to be a dark wine red colored drupes produce white flowers followed by unpalatable but highly decorative fruits.

Ornamental Banana Red Leaf Maurelii Water Requirements:

– Although much more durable once established in the landscape, regular water is necessary to get the plant rooted and growing on its own after being planted in the ground from an S & J Nursery container. Use supplemental irrigation when planted in full sun or in extremely sandy soil.

 – Water generously during droughts at least once a week for best results if
planted into an non irrigated garden location.

Ornamental Banana Red Leaf Maurelii in the Jacksonville | St. Augustine Area Landscapes :

– Ornamental Banana Red Leaf Maurelii is a great easy care, low maintenance addition to just about any landscape.

 – Banana plants make an excellent potted accent plant for
the pool or patio area.

 – Adds instant tropical appeal to any landscape setting.

Care of Ornamental Banana Red Leaf Maurelii :

 – Low care landscape pant selection.

– Water every day during the establishment period after planting in the garden from a nursery container.

– Banana plants will need good water during the establishment period and
supplemental irrigation during dry spells or particularly hot dry summers, especially when planted into sandy soils.

– Amending the soil generously with compost when planting your Banana plants will help keep them healthy and happy through the years to come.

– Fertilize each spring with a shovelful of good garden compost or a
mixture of Milorganite or Green Edge Fertilizer and a slow release poly coated plant food such as Osmocote or Stay Green general purpose plant food. .