Cypress, Leyland

S & J Nursery’s Guide to

Leyland Cypress Tree

in the Northeast Florida Landscape

( x Cupressocyparis

Leyland Cypress Cupressus Leylandii foliage up close

Leyland Cypress Origins:

– open pollinated cross, not native, not currently recommended
for our Florida Landscapes but can be ordered in by special request.See UFIFAS Site for more

Leyland Cypress Preferred Exposure:

– full sun to light shade

Leyland Cypress Foliage | Bark:

– Foliage of the Leyland Cypress is a bright green color and foliated
branches have a flattened almost lacey appearance

 Leyland Cypress Soil Preference / Salt tolerance:

– Leyland Cypress are tolerant of a wide range of soil components and conditions,
growing quickly when planted just about anywhere.

– The Leyland Cypress tree ( Cupressus Leylandii ) is known for its high
tolerance for salinity and pollution.

Leyland Cypress Tree Size Variance:

– Can reach sizes of 60+ feet H | 10-15+ feet W

Leyland Cypress Growth Habit:

– The Leyland Cypress tree will have an upright, much taller than it is wide, almost
columnar growth habit but tapering from small at the top to a wider base.

Leyland Cypress Growth Rate:

– The Leyland Cypress tree is planted most often for its incredibly fast growth
rate, able to grow up to 20 ft within the first 5 years after planting from a 1 gallon container.

Leyland Cypress Bloom:

– NA

Leyland Cypress Water Requirements:

– Moderately drought tolerant once established

Butterfly or Bird Attracting:

– NA

Best Uses For Leyland Cypress in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine
area landscape:

– The Leyland Cypress tree may be one of the most widely planted trees in the
country but Florida’s high heat and humidity tend to make an ideal breeding ground for the fungus that
causes mass distress in these trees. Avoid planting in the North Florida |
Jacksonville | St. Augustine area land cape or be prepared for a short lived tree that will some extra TLC.
Yearly fungicide treatments can often be incorporated into your landscape maintenance program.

 – Consider planting a Southern Red Cedar, Arizona Cypress, or green Giant arborvitae instead.

 – Still want one? Have seen them growing just fine in our area? Ok, that’s why
I still sell them, sometimes we want what we want and we are willing to risk it. That’s ok, come on
in, we’ve got some for you. ( they do make a nice Christmas tree ) 🙂

Care of Leyland Cypress :

– Water every day during the establishment period. See watering your newly planted
trees for more information.

– Provide a 1 ft diameter circle of mulched area where grass is kept from growing
for each inch of caliper (or diameter) of trunk measured 4 inches from the ground level.

– Fertilize each spring with a slow release poly coated plant food such as
Osmocote or Stay Green general purpose plant food, sprinkling the fertilizer around the mulch circle underneath
the foliage of the tree.