Peas, Southern

Growing Southern Peas in Northeast Florida Vegetable Gardens

(Field Peas, Blackeyed Peas, Crowder Peas, Southern Peas)  

The plant by many names! The southern pea is excellent to eat and easily grown in Northeast Florida gardens.  

There are many varieties available and each one has its own unique growth habit, form color texture and flavor! 

Foliage, Origins,  of the Southern Pea for Northeast Florida vegetable gardens:

Part of the bean Family, southern peas were cultivated in India and Africa and were (according to the University of Florida’s Gardening in a minute Publication)said to have been a staple of ancient Greek and Roman diets.

Southern Peas are classified into Bush, Vining and Semi-vining habits depending on variety grown.

Planting Season for Southern Peas, Cow Peas, Blackeyed Peas or Crowder Peas in Jacksonville and St. Augustine Florida and the surrounding areas:

Southern Peas can be planted when the weather warms in spring and through the summer months. Start your Southern Peas anytime from March to August in the Northeast Florida, Jacksonville and St. Augustine areas. 

 Sun Exposure for growing Southern Peas in Northeast Florida Vegetable Gardens:

Plant your Southern Peas in a full sun or afternoon sun location for the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area vegetable garden.

Soil Preferences for Southern Peas, Cow Peas, Blackeyed Peas or Crowder Peas in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine Florida areas:

Southern Peas will grow and thrive in pretty much any Northeast Florida soils. I still like to plant mine in soils that have been generously amended with compost to help maintain plant health.Keep soils moist but not wet.

Plant 4-6 seeds per ft 1 and 1/4 inch deep in rows.  

Care of Broccoli in the Northeast Florida Vegetable Garden:

Watering Your Southern Pea Plants: 

Newly planted Southern Peas will require watering daily for the first few days to a week after being planted from seed or transplanted from an S & J Nursery container. 

Once the Southern Pea plants are established and growing no supplemental irrigation is needed.

Mulching your Southern Pea Vegetable Plants:

Southern pea is a drought tolerant plant but  mulching plants generously will help conserve any existing moisture in the soils.

Fertilizing Your Southern Pea Plants:

Southern Peas have the ability to fix nitrogen out of the air into the soils to provide their own nitrogen source for growth. But plants may still require additional fertilizer for best growth potential. Try fertilizing with a mixture of fish emulsions and seaweed (kelp) at one ounce each per gallon of water. Apply semi weekly as a foliar spray.

If your vegetable plants look like they could use a boost, give them a good watering with homemade compost tea as soon as the top few inches of soil around your plant is dry to the touch!

Harvesting Your Southern Pea Vegetable Plants in the Northeast Florida Vegetable Garden:

Be sure to harvest your Southern Peas frequently to encourage continuous flowering and pod production for maximum harvest from your vegetable plants.