Crocosmia / Montbretia / Tritonia Varieties

I first came upon these pretty little plants in a customers yard many years ago, she was an older gardener and
happy to introduce me to them. She told me she had bought them years ago, couldn’t remember the name and that they
had grown an spread with little help form her. She explained that they would pop up unexpectedly across the yard
her and there and that she usually just let them grow and go where they would! She never “fussed with them” just
dug them up and divided them, or pulled up one of her “volunteers” if she needed to fill a spot in the garden, she
didn’t have to spray them, no fertilizer was required or even needed to keep them looking great, they seemed to
“just grow” as she put it.

Well, I was impressed, who doesn’t love a plant you do absolutely nothing to and it just keeps looking great
year after year? With them popping up freely on their own in her beautiful backyard garden she pulled up a few and
in true gardener fashion gave them to me to try for myself. I have had them growing in my gardens for over 15 years
now and still look forward to seeing them bloom each summer.

My flower with ought a name, passed from gardener to gardener I now know as Crocosmia, I quickly became fond of
these easy care plants and have been collecting cultivars ever since. I love them today every bit as much as I did
that first day I saw them in her backyard. Their pretty sword like foliage and brightly colored orchid-like flowers
just can whelp but make you smile on the inside! They’re like a little ray of sunshine on the end of each plant

Crocosmia are causing to the much more common gladiolus. Their tall slender sword like foliage stands erect and
sports an abundance of blooms each summer season. A must for hummingbird and butterfly gardeners! Crocosmia stems
also make great cut flowers for arrangements.

Crocosmia Babylon

Deep reddish orange flowers are slightly larger than most cultivars.

Crocosmia ‘Emberglow’

Large flowering rich deep orange red flowers.

Crocosmia ‘ Emily McKenzie’

Vibrant blooms in yellow orange to vivid orange colorings.

Crocosmia ‘ George Davidson’

A personal favorite of mine with buttery yellow blooms!

Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’

A hybrid favorite for its rich red with yellow orange accents.