Mona Lavender

Mona Lavender Plant

 ( Plectranthus Hybrid ‘Mona Lavender’)

Mona Lavender Origins:Mona Lavender Norhtheast Florida S & J Nursery

Painstakingly bred at the Kirstenborsch Botanical Gardens in South Africa. Beautiful foliage and blooms make
Mona Lavender a garden favorite.

I fell in love with this stunning plant the very first time I planted it in my North Florida Landscape, it grew
and bloomed like crazy. I got so many compliments from neighbors on those few plants that its been a garden staple
ever since!

Perhaps my favorite feature of Plectranthus species is their ability to root easily in soil with just a daily
watering. So pinch off a few branches in late fall when the blooms are done and bring it indoors to enjoy over the
winter months. I leave mine in a small terra cotta pot in the kitchen window over winter and plant them out again
next spring to enjoy all over again!

 Mona Lavender Preferred Exposure in Northeast Florida Landscapes:

Mona Lavender plants in my St. Johns Florida area garden seem to prefer a partially shaded spot. Although
I have seen them out and about growing in full sun and still looking great, I have really well draining sandy soil
in my garden so it would be a little more difficult to keep them moist enough for a more sunny location. It may be
worth giving them a try in a sunny spot if you have moist soils.

I like to keep my Mona lavender plants under a larger Oak or Pine tree, not only does it provide the shade
to keep them looking great it provides enough winter protecting that with a little built up layer of pine straw
around the base, will help the roots overwinter and regrow again the next year.

Mona Lavender / Plectranthus Hybrid Foliage:

Gorgeous deep green leaves are covered in tiny white hairs and have a deep dark burgundy purple underside
to the leaves that really show off the blooms. Especially when planted into patio containers that are closer to eye
level where it exposes the undersides of the leaves.

Mona Lavender Soil Preference / Salt tolerance:

Amend your planting site with compost before planting for best results. Mona lavender will thrive in rich dark

– Unknown Salt tolerance. Have it at the beach? Let us know how it did!

 Mona Lavender Size Variance:

Mona lavender is a very low growing semi hardy perennial plant selection that will can grow as tall as
2-3 ft in height each season, and can slowly spread, rooting where the stems touch the ground and eventually
creeping its way around neighboring plantings. Mona Lavender really makes a great filler for the North
Florida, Jacksonville and St. Augustine Florida area perennial garden!

Mona Lavender Growth Habit:

This Hybrid Plectranthus Mona Lavender unlike others of the species has a rather upright mounding habit,
rather than a low broad spreading habit typical of other Plectranthus Hybrids like Swedish Ivy.

Mona Lavender Growth Rate:

Fast growing Mona Lavender plants can be expected to reach full height in the first season in the
Northeast Florida, Jacksonville and St. Augustine area landscapes.

Mona Lavender Hybrid Plectranthus Blooms:Mona Lavender Bloom S & J Nursery

– Mona lavender plants do many things well and blooming is defiantly one of them. Although they do bloom well in
the spring and intermittently through the summer ( especially if you pinch back the growing tips of each branch
when the flowers fade) but these plants literally cover themselves in blooms each fall around September and just
keep on going through October, November and sometimes even December!.

 – The stalks of dainty bright lavender purple flowers are very showy in the landscape and are
covered darker purple flecking that is noticeable when viewing them at an up close range.

Mona Lavender Hybrid Plectranthus Water Requirements:

– Mona Lavender Plectranthus Hybrid  will require supplemental irrigation for best results.

Butterfly or Bird Attracting:

– Mona Lavender are not touted as butterfly or hummingbird attracting, but do tend to attract people to
the garden!

Best Uses For Mona Lavender Plectranthus Hybrid in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area

– Mona Lavender Plectranthus Hybrid  will perform well in the North Florida shade to part sun landscape.
medium sized height fits nicely into more modern landscapes and can easily be incorporated into any landscape

– Great for containers on porches or patios where foliage and blooms can be easily appreciated.

 – Mona Lavender makes a great container plant and mixes well with other flowering plants for a stunning

– Mona Lavender Plectranthus Hybrid  makes a great companion plant for other perennials in the garden and adds
an instant cottage garden feel when planted in any landscape.

– Plant in masses for easy maintenance blooms that make a great flowering display in the spring, summer and
especially in the fall in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area landscapes.

Care of Mona Lavender Plectranthus Hybrid  in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area

– Water every day during the establishment period after planting in the garden from a nursery container, once
plants have established themselves into the landscape taper water back to just a weekly application if local
rainfall levels are low.

– Perennial in central and south Florida this selection of Plectranthus is most often planted as an annual and
replaced at the end of the season with cool season annuals in our North Florida climate. I like to leave the
foliage and roots in place, covering the base of the plant with a thick layer of pine straw that you can remove the
following spring and trim off dead stalks above where the new growth appears the following spring season )
Don’t forget to pinch a few stalks and stick them into a pot for some added indoor winter decoration!

– Fertilize each spring and again in mid summer after pinching back the foliage when flowers have begun to fade
with a handful of garden compost or a mixture of Milorganite and a slow
release poly coated plant food such as

Osmocote or
Stay Green general purpose plant food or 10-10-10.

-For great blooming results try Miracle Grow’ s new time release bloom feeding fertilizer from Amazon marketplace