Cucumber Varieties

S & J Nursery Cucumber Varieties Trials for 2016 Northeast Florida Vegetable Gardens

Cucumber Variety Baby Persian 

Cucumber Baby Persian from Botanical Interests seed company. Here’s what they had to say that made me what to give them a try….” Delicious eaten in the garden, packed into a lunch box, or added to a salad, these cucumbers will disappear quickly. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to harvest plenty more from the high yielding, disease resistant plants. Picked when only 4-6 inches long, these cucumbers have a yummy, non bitter flavor and are seedless, with firm, but thin skin that is completely edible. ” Are you sold, I wanted to give them a try. A Persian cucumber to pick when they are little, and just 48 Days to harvest, sounds good to me.


Cucumber Variety Marketmore 76 

One of the most popular open pollinated cucumber selections grown in the United States. 8-9 inch fruits stay green and mild even under heat stress. Disease resistance is high and plants are highly productive. Trellis this vining cucumber to keep the fruits off the ground for best results. Good variety for pickling when picked small or eaten fresh. 65 days to Harvest cucumber Marketmore 76 from planting.


Cucumber Variety Poinsett 76

Touted to be one of the best slicing cucumbers for eating fresh on sandwiches and salads. Disease resistant vines will need trellised to keep fruit up off the ground in Northeast Florida. 6-8 inch long fruits with 2-21/2 inch diameter. Cucumber Poinsett 76 comes highly recommended as a great open pollinated cucumber variety for the southeast and mid atlantic portions of the U.S. by seed producers. 65 days from planting Poinsett 76 cucumbers to harvest.


Cucumber Variety Muncher

(Parks Seed) Medium green smooth and nearly spineless cucumbers are burpless and will reach 6-9 inches in length. Pickle young Muncher cucumbers 4-6 inches long or allow them to mature for eating fresh out of the garden. Keep vine that can grow to 4 ft trellised for best results in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area vegetable garden. Keep fruits picked promptly for best production. Harvest for Muncher cucumbers begins 65 days from planting.

Cucumber Variety Spacemaster

A compact growing bush variety for containers, hanging baskets and small gardens where larger sprawling vines would not have room. Resistant to cucumber mosaic virus. Use Spacemaster cucumber fruits for pickling when small and eating fresh when larger. Short, 18-24 inch vines produce 7 1/2 inch long fruits in abundance. 62 days to harvest Spacemaster cucumber from planting date.

Cucumber Variety Homemade Pickles

As if the name didn’t say it all, these little cucumbers were bred to be perfect for homemade pickles! Solid crisp flesh and an excellent flavor and fruit quality. harvest at 1 to 1 1/2 inches for small sweet pickles or allow to grow to inches for large dill cucumbers. Good disease resistance, high yield. Support large growing vines (to 5 ft)on a trellis for best results in Northeast Florida vegetable gardens. 60 Days to harvest Homemade Pickles cucumber fruits from planting.

Cucumber Variety Lemon Heirloom

Heirloom cucumber variety grown for its unusual color and shape. Clean crisp flavor is perfect for pickling and eating fresh. 4-5 ft vines will produce heavily for long periods when picked frequently. Takes the heat and has good disease resistance. 65 Days to harvest Lemon cucumber fruits from planting.