Holly Shrubs

for the North Florida Jacksonville

| St. Augustine area Landscapes

Hollys are great plants for North Florida landscapes and are extremely Holly Dwarf Burfordii with berries St. Augustine Florida versatile in their use. They can be planted in sun or partial shade and in a wide range of soil whose components range from sand to clay and moisture ranges from wet to extremely dry.

Perhaps best of all these are not only low maintenance plantings but deer resistant too!

If your looking for a low maintenance landscape that you just don’t have to fuss with, there is a Holly shrub that is just right for you!

Carissa HollyCarissa Holly foliage up close

Excellent Landscape selection for Northeast Florida , low maintenance, moderate to slow growing easy care selection with glossy green leaves year round and a low growing rounded habit.

Compacta Holly

Often confused with Boxwood shrubs, compacta Holly has a bit more of a rounded habit and does best when kept in that shape rather than forced into a square hedge that boxwood leans towards. Compacta has a deeper green slightly smaller foliage than the boxwood as well as an alternate leaf arrangement rather than an opposite leaf pattern of the boxwood family of plants that can help tell the two plants apart in the landscape.

Dwarf Burfordii HollyDwarf Burfordii Holly foliage up close with tiny white blooms showing

Arguably the most common of the Holly shrubs you will run across in the Northeast Florida Landscape and for good reason, they are easy to maintain easy to care for and virtually pest and problem free plant selections.

Dwarf Schillings HollyIlex Schillings Dwarf Holly in the Jacksonville Florida Landscape

An excellent native cultivar that can be easily clipped and manicured into formal landscape settings or allowed to grow naturally as a low maintenance drought proof, trouble free hedge.

Needlepoint Holly

Another great Holly shrub selection great for the backdrop on foundation plantings or used as a hedge for screening pools/ patio areas for dense privacy. Low maintenance, drought tolerant plant selection for the Jacksonville |St. Augustine area landscape.