Bugs in North Florida Lawns


Are they Bugging the Lawn,

 Bugging You, or  Bugging other Bugs?

   Over 99% of insects are not pests on plants!

That measns that less than 1 % of the bugs bugging around in your yard

will do any damage at all to your plants and many of those are actually there

helping your landscape by keeping bad bug populations down.

Bugs That Bug Your Lawn | Bad Bugs

These are the less than one percent of all insects that are pests on plants. They bug plants.

3 Ways That Bugs Can Bug Your Lawn 

1 – Bugs that suck the juices out of grass blade tissues. 

·          Bermuda Grass Mites 

·          Chinch Bugs

·          Ground Pearls

·          Spittlebugs 

2 – Bugs that live in the lawn soil and damage the roots of grass blades . 

·         Billbugs 

·          Mole Crickets

·          White Grubs

3 – Bugs that feed on the grass blades. 

·          Armyworms 

·          Grass Loopers 

·          Sod Webworms 

Bugs That Don’t  Bug Your Lawn,They  Bug You 

Sometimes it just doesnt matter if an insect isnt harming the landscape around them we still dont want to coexist with them. I hate ants and wage my own version of war on them every time I find an ant pile trying to hide from me! Im sure they have their purpose in the food chain but Im just not gonna let them live in my lawn! They bug me

·         Ants

·          Fleas

·          Sowbugs 

·          Snails 

Bugs That Don’t  Bug Your Lawn, Don’t Bug You, But Bug Other Bugs | Good Bugs

(Otherwise known in the scientific community as beneficial organisms) Bugs that eat other bugs are every gardener’s best friend. Be sure to look for these bugs before deciding to treat a problem area, you may already have an army of insects on the job, right under your toes. 

Big eyed bugs 


Ground beetles