Mustard Green Varieties

S & J Nursery Mustard Green Varieties for 2016 Northeast Florida Vegetable Gardens

Mustard Green Variety ‘Garnet Giant’

Returning this year to S & J Nursery’s vegetable varieties for the Norhteast Florida garden from High Mowing Organic Seed company. It turns out, that it really is the darkest color of any of the red mustard greens! I loved it and will continue to grow this one! Garnet Giant is a vibrant garnet color with a lime green stem, very decorative foliage makes for a pretty garden plant. It is suggested to harvest as a baby green which I find hard to do because it is so pretty! 21 days to harvest as  baby green.

Mustard Green Variety “Green Wave”

New to S & J Nursery this year from Seeds of Change Organic Seed company. Vibrant green, spicy hot foliage with deply frilled leaves that mellow when cooked. Harvest at the young and tender baby stage for salads or use at their full size as a pot herb for stir frys or boiled greens. Plant at 12-24 inches apart and 20 days to harvest as baby greens or 45 dats to harvest as full sized pot herbs.


Japanese Mizuna Lime Streaked

Mustard Green Variety Japanese ‘MizunaLime Streak’

New to S & J Nursery this year. Mustard Lime Streak Mizuna from Gurney’s Seeds has heavily serrated decorative looking leaves. The ships edged foliage has a lime green streaks and a mild tangy flavor that is said to be perfect for sandwiches and salads. Excellent when harvested as tender baby greens or micro greens. 30-45 days to first harvest.

Mustard Green Variety Japanese ‘Mizuna Red Streaked’

S & J Nursery Japanese Mizuna Red Streaked

New to S & J Nursery for 2014 trials in Northeast Florida, Mizuna Red Streaked is a pretty mustard green selection with tangy mild and sweet flavor perfect for tossing in a salad. The deeply serrated green leaves with red stripes are so pretty I just had to give them a try. Harvest 20-40 days from planting.


Mustard Green Variety ‘Osaka Purple’

Mustard Green Osaka Purple S & J Nursery one gallon plant

Open pollinated mustard green variety from organic seed company “High Mowing”. Mustard Osaka Purple has reddish purple tinged leaves that are tender and spicy with a kick. Plants reach about 12 inches tall so plant spacing can be 6 inches apart. Harvest as baby greens at 21 days and mature greens at 40 days after planitng. 

 Mustard Green Variety ‘Red Giant’Mustart Red Giant

Heirloom open pollinated mustard green variety. My favorite mustard green, only because the first time I saw it was in a mixed pot of flowers, and I had no idea it was edible, or even what it was! All I knew is that it was beautiful, so when I found out it was a mustard green, I just loved it even more. Mustard Red Giant, for me is a must have in the Northeast Florida garden. I love the bold spicy taste of the leaves and it is absolutely beautiful in the garden. I let a plant or two go to seed each year so that I have volunteers growing the following year! Foliage is a dark reddish purple with creamy pale green veins. Plants reach about 18 inches tall within 45 days of planting and are ready for harvesting.