Coreopsis Plant Selections for Northeast Florida Landscapes 


      Our State Wildflower, Florida native Coreopsis is one of the easiest care flowering plants for full sun well drained soils so common to our Northeast Florida Landscapes. Their bright and sunny blooms adorn roadsides and disturbed areas of the landscape where the winds and birds have planted them during the hot summer months.

With as many as 16 species of coreopsis that grow wild in our Florida landscape and many cultivated varieties within those species that make excellent landscape plant selections, there is a wide variety to choose from to fit your gardens needs. Easy to care for and widely tolerant of many soil components and conditions Coreopsis has a place in just about any landscape setting but mainly prefer the dry sandy neglected areas of the garden where other more needy plants may fail to thrive. 

Coreopsis is easily planted from seeds and perennial selections can be cultivated from divisions as well. 

Coreopsis varieties can range in heights from 6 inches tall and wide to 4 feet tall! The blooms can be creamy white, yellow, bright gold, reddish  and even rose colored as well as a mix of those and can be flat single layers of open petals to some pretty complex hybrids with almost a round ball of petals on each bloom. 

Coreopsis can be annual plants that grow from seed to the end of their life span in just one year or short lived perennials that will last for a few years and bloom sometimes in spring summer and even a few lingering into fall in the Northeast Florida Landscape.  



A UF guide to Identifying Florida roadside Coreopsis plants. 

Coreopsis / Tickseed Florida State Wildflower

Coreopsis Varieties for Northeast Florida Landscapes

Golden Sphere Coreopsis

Mouse Ear Coreopsis 

Route 66 Coreopsis 

Early Sunrise Coreopsis 

Moonbeam Coreopsis

Sunbeam Coreopsis

Uptick Golden Bronze