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Need Your Wholesale Plants Delivered or Installed ? No Problem! Call us today at 904-522-1786

You will never get faster service, anywhere!!! Call us and we will deliver and or install your wholesale plants when you need them and with a smile!

Want us to plant the bigger palms or trees for you while were there? Not a problem, just let us know when you place the order so we have the right equipment on the truck. We have the heavy machinery available to deliver and install the larger items your customers want anytime, so there’s no need to spend your time and money picking up and returning huge machinery, we’ll take it with us when we install and be in and out of your way faster than you have ever thought possible so that you can get back to work on the rest of the job!

Need to pick up wholesale plants for the Job tomorrow after you finish your job today?

We open early and stay late so you can pick up plant material for today’s job at 7:30 in the morning or pick up for tomorrows job at 4:00 in the afternoon!

We have people available to help you load to get you in and out fast. You’ll save time and money, were not happy till you leave with a smile!

Looking for wholesale plants that are unique?

That’s our specialty! We have great prices and a great selection. We carry mass quantities of everyday items used by our landscapers and because we sell retail to the public, (and mostly because I’m a plant nerd) we have one of the best selections in town. We are always adding new and exciting things to our inventory, come check us out! If your customer wants it, chances are so do other gardeners, which means we stock it! Unlike most large wholesale nurseries, we carry the unusual plant items your customers are looking for as well. Its the one stop shopping experience you’ve been looking for to keep you and your crew on schedule!

Need help? Do You have customers asking for plants you’ve never even heard of? Are customers always asking you for your help with existing plant material, troubleshooting and maintenance questions you don’t have time for?

Need to know what plants work in your customer’s difficult areas? We can help!

Purchasing your plants with S&J assures you a helping hand when you need one. With over 70 years of experience growing and maintaining plants, we know what conditions they like, the conditions they don’t and how to
properly handle them when things aren’t going in the right direction.


 Check out our Plant Installation Checklist to help avoid unforeseen expenses when purchasing large material for installation.

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